With over 2 billion active users on YouTube, you can’t set this platform aside in your marketing strategy. Over the last two years, the number of small and medium-sized businesses advertising on YouTube has doubled, becoming the leading platform for video content! In the US, consumers over 18 years old spend more time watching YouTube videos than any television channel. On mobile alone, more 18-49-year-olds watch YouTube during prime time, compared to the combined viewership of 10 prime-time shows. With so much opportunity for putting your brand out there, use GROWL’s guide to understand YouTube ads better.

Know your YouTube ad options

YouTube offers a variety of commercial options to your brand. Understanding its singularities is vital for a successful YouTube campaign, so let’s explore the main options:

YouTube Bumper Ads

Leverage ad options if you are doing a more extensive campaign backed up by other ad formats. These are non-skippable six-second videos and are played before the chosen video. Since the videos are short, it is essential to have different marketing components to complement aspects of your brand.

Non-skippable in-stream ads

These videos give you more flexibility to create an elaborate ad. These videos can be played before, during, or even after the viewer’s video and are non-skippable.

TrueView Ads

This type of video is the most popular among all the types and is an excellent option if you want to try your ad campaign before spending the big bucks. Advertisers only pay when viewers engage with the ad. In-stream ads are another type of TrueView Ads, where advertisers only pay for the ad if the video is played for more than 30 seconds.

Non-video Ads

If making a video might be too time-consuming or expensive, YouTube also offers options for non-video ads, such as display ads that appear to the right of the featured video and above the video suggestion list. In-video overlay ads appear like the semi-transparent ads at the bottom of your video.

Targeting your audience

Just like any successful marketing campaign, your audience should be your focus. For YouTube, since there is a wide variety of content categories, it is important to target your audience by using the tools the platform has to offer. With the audience’s interests in mind, look for videos and content they enjoy, and integrate them with your brand’s story.

YouTube ads by channels

You can go to the “placements” section when you create a new ad group or campaign to choose which pages you want your videos to appear on based on channels that match your customers’ interests and metrics.

Targeting specific videos

Still, under “placements,” you can choose specific videos to play your ad. This tool allows you to get even more precise on your targeting, and you should use it if you clearly understand your audiences’ interests and purchase habits.

YouTube ads by categories

Use this targeting method if you want to target your audience more broadly and think that your product or service has a specific and clear industry.

Targeting search history

This type of target method is unique to YouTube ads. Use this type of ad if you want to narrow your target audience to people who are interested in your industry. By targeting relevant searches, you can identify customers’ interests and even the pain points within an industry.

Create your campaign

Use these tips to set your YouTube campaign up for success!

Campaign Goals

First, it is crucial to have a clear campaign goal in mind. Do you want to generate more sales leads, awareness, and website traffic? Have a clear goal in mind and plan your campaign based on these goals.

Type and Subtype

That includes choosing if you want a video or a display ad. Next, make sure you select the correct ad subtype. What type of video do you want to use? Refer back to “Know Your Options” above.

YouTube Ad Name

Don’t forget to give your campaign a catchy name that matches SEO purposes and is easy to locate, manage, and optimize for the future.

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