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GROWL helps your company increase revenue and grow your business through data-driven strategies and excellent customer experiences.



As your strategic partner, GROWL helps break down departmental silos and empowers your team to accelerate revenue growth with outcome-focused RevOps strategies. We specialize in MarTech implementation and optimization, helping your organization continually evolve and innovate.

Problems We Solve

Siloed CRM Systems

Unify contact records, company information, and more in one robust CRM platform that operates as your single source of truth.


Marketing and Sales Friction

Improve lead hand-off and customer experience through enhanced lead nurturing, engaged lead scoring, and informed sales enablement tools that effectively align marketing and sales teams.

Disjointed MarTech Stack

Eliminate gaps in data, resources, and customer touchpoints in a single MarTech platform to deliver a delightful and revenue-generating customer experience.

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