The best ads are no longer a static experience; rich media ads are the future. These ads are stealing viewers’ attention and are encouraging engagement by leveraging intelligent optimization. Think of it as making your ads an interactive, immersive experience that catches attention through motion.

Generate Greater ROI

Rich media ads can help generate brand awareness and improve many metrics, from generating clicks to improving conversion rates. In fact, these ads outperform standard banner ads by 267%. With higher interaction rates and improved user experience, ads drive greater ROI. Businesses see higher click-through rates and purchase intent by focusing on the consumer, capturing attention, and driving reactions. These ads give your brand favorability and catch the eye of the viewers. It’s that simple.

How to Use Rich Media Ads


Like all forms of marketing, it’s vital to have a thought-out strategy. Use these tips to create your strategy.

  1. Do your research by reading articles like this one, and understand what format works best with your campaign and brand.
  2. Create a robust customer engagement flow, determining where your ad will lead viewers and their desired next steps.
  3. Take your time creating the assets for these complex ad formats and focus on making the messaging consistent within the ad and with your branding.
  4. Build ads, test, and launch.


Rich media ads can be developed in numerous creative types, also known as formats. These formats range in size and distribution platform and should be created as HTML5 files. HTML5 has multiple levels of content to be packed into one ad. Check out the table below to get a better understanding of creative types.

Banner Ads

Placement is identical to a static banner ad, but rich media banners use creative like video and download tech to enhance the experience.


Creativity can expand in any direction and can be triggered by different actions taken by the viewer.


These ads utilize natural breaking points (a loading page, page break, etc.) and transition while a viewer visits a site and is typically full screen on mobile devices.


Use video in all formats, allowing normal ad placements to no longer consist of static images.


Not only does a pushdown expand, but it pushes down content, taking the webpage out of view of the viewer.


These ads stay in place as the user scrolls, allowing this ad to always be visible.


The key to success with rich media ads comes with detailed tracking. Thanks to dynamic integration, these ads can track how the viewer is engaging and their next steps. With this insight, campaigns can be continually evaluated and adjusted to produce long-term results.

Interactive ads are the future of advertising. Need help getting started with rich media ads? Contact the GROWL Team today!



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