Are you ready to generate awareness and drive more traffic to your website, or are you looking for ways to leverage your existing interactive content?

Interactive content is a great way to convert your visitors into potential buyers. There are multiple different routes and ways to navigate creating this content and strategically embedding forms to convert leads. More specifically, strategic content creation will help guide leads throughout your buyer’s journey. Strategic content is ideal for broadening your audiences and targeting potential buyers.

With our experience crafting creative interactive content to drive leads for our clients, GROWL has your back with these tips and tricks.



Interactive content is friendly, fun, and different from the static online content flooding inboxes, dashboards, and home pages daily. Content like quizzes, calculators, and videos are a diverse, personalized experience site visitors can easily consume. Interactive strategies give site visitors an immediate deliverable while you can spread brand awareness, gain trust, and prove that you can be their best resource.

As a bonus, interactive content is a perfect pair to the buyer’s journey. Strategically placing a form at the end of the quiz, video, or chatbot to gated content will provide the site visitor with their results almost immediately and convert the visitor into a lead.>



Personalization is a key part of leveraging interactive content, as the content is tailored to the visitor’s immediate needs and wants. Giving site visitors an immediate deliverable spreads awareness of your brand and its offering. More specifically, personalized content delivers what the site visitor is looking for, whether it be their personal quiz results or getting answers through an interactive chatbot. Personalized content will boost your lead generation because your content is benefiting the user and promoting your services—a key aspect of inbound marketing. No matter where the potential customer is in their buyer’s journey, personalized content will continue to educate, offer solutions, and develop trust in your product and offerings. Below are some examples of different interactive content ideas for each stage of the buyer’s journey:


Awareness Stage

  • Quizzes/Personality Assessments
  • Interactive Blogs


Consideration Stage

  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Infographics


Decision Stage

  • ROI/Cost/Saving Calculators
  • Interactive Case Studies

Uniquely, interactive content provides a reason behind why site visitors choose your product over a competitor. Lead generation becomes a more straightforward process because interactive content appeals to consumers without feeling like a sales pitch.



Whether launching a new product or testing new content, take a minute to strategize what will work best for your audience. Try experimenting and combining old and new strategies to find the ideal way to market to your potential buyers. By finding the correct route for your company, you will be able to build off what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to automatically generate leads through your content and prove that your product is the best.

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