Before starting a YouTube for your business, it’s essential to understand some of the basic requirements.

First things first, why YouTube?

With over 2.5 billion users, a billion hours of per-day content watched, and 80% of marketers considering it as the most effective video marketing platform, now is a great time to take your business to the tube. Successfully launch your YouTube and see video-marketing success with GROWL’s top 5 tips.

1 Strategize your Business YouTube

Before your camera is in focus, lights adequately positioned, and your memory cards cleared and ready for footage, you must have a content strategy. Consider what value you can add to your viewers, why your channel exists, and the competitive climate. Research appropriate tags, categories, and SEO-based caption structures while compiling a list of admirable accounts. Starting a branded YouTube requires the same considerations as any marketing plan.

2 Invest in your YouTube

Equipment must be within the budget if your brand plans to leverage YouTube. While many phones provide incredible recording capabilities, you will still need light fixtures and microphones to look and sound professional. Remember, while you don’t need to purchase the most expensive equipment, you need to know how to use it.

3 Plan Before you Produce

As a branded YouTube, you must consider all details. Set the stage and look for any cords, poor lighting, background noises, and even your appearance. Keeping the scene at the top of your mind while shooting will mitigate distractions and keep your viewers focused on the business’ message.

Tips for shooting:

  • Set up the camera in a place it won’t be jostled or damaged
  • Ensure lighting is spaced correctly and out of frame
  • Check the microphone battery and that it’s properly plugged in
  • Have a clean memory card with sufficient space
  • Be in control of the environment
  • Test!

4 Edit Every Video

A vital aspect of your business YouTube is looking professional — this is where editing comes in. While you can DIY editing programs, you can also invest in an agency (like GROWL) to polish your final product.

5 Optimize and Promote your Brand’s YouTube

Before publishing your video, pay close attention to your video description, category, and tags. Do they match your intended audience? Do they use SEO-specific language while still sounding natural? After all that complicated work, there’s only one thing left to do: publish and promote. After publishing, make sure you are using your other social platforms and website to drive people to your videos. This will boost your channel's ranking and increase your SEO presence. Make sure to engage with your channel’s subscribers by liking and commenting on their videos (but always make sure the content is appropriate before engaging with it).

Bonus: Always take the time to transcribe your videos. Not only will this allow deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers the opportunity to engage with your content, but it will also boost your YouTube SEO. Remember that YouTube isn’t just a platform; it’s the second most powerful search engine in the world.

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