When it comes to your social media marketing strategy, you’re probably familiar with the major players like Facebook and Instagram – but is your brand utilizing Pinterest? Pinterest has over 250 million people on the platform, with the majority expressing that they have made purchasing decisions based on content found on the site. Meaning – there’s untapped potential for your business on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is fueling consumer behavior, it has the subsequent potential to boost your brand’s awareness, amplify your following, increase engagement, and ultimately strengthen online sales. While users are mainly on Pinterest to enjoy visual content, the platform allows creators to attach links and lengthy descriptions. Pinterest pins, stories, and boards are the space where you can plug your business while using your personalized branding language.

Willing to give Pinterest for your business a try? Use GROWL’s top tips to launch a successful Pinterest strategy.

Curate Pinterest content

Pinterest centers around visual search. In fact, research found that 85% of users shopping for clothing or furniture online placed more importance on visuals than text information. Pinterest is beneficial because users can link visual content directly to another website, so you can showcase collections of products and branded images, then direct interested customers to your website. If your business model is not naturally visual, Pinterest can still provide advantages with live click-through links. If you post blogs or written resources for your customers, consider using or creating fun, branded blog covers as posts and links to your website or blog. Remember, on Pinterest, visual appeal is the key to engagement.

Use keywords and categories

Equipment must be within the budget if your brand plans to leverage YouTube. While many phones provide incredible recording capabilities, you will still need light fixtures and microphones to look and sound professional. Remember, while you don’t need to purchase the most expensive equipment, you need to know how to use it.

Spark engagement

You can increase engagement and create a following on Pinterest through promotion on your current social media. You will also be able to cross-promote your pins and boards across social media platforms to increase views. As a Pinterest account, you can follow and interact with related accounts. This engagement is an excellent way to collaborate and align your brand with others. If your followers share content about your brand, feel free to like and comment on it, letting them know they are appreciated.

Refine content with a Pinterest business account

Creating a Pinterest business account is free and provides access to both marketing features and analytics. Redefining your account is also essential if you want to run paid ads on Pinterest. The business account clearly states that your account is on behalf of a business and can give you data about your pin stats, access to the analytics suite, and audience insight. The business account is full of marketing insight and will help guide you to maximum Pinterest potential.


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