Some people believe that email marketing is becoming outdated, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Email marketing is one of the most widely utilized and successful digital marketing tactics, no matter your goals. From raising brand awareness to increasing sales, email marketing is the answer. Want to know why? Numbers don’t lie.

Email marketing is the third most influential source of information for B2B communication. Click-through rates are 47% higher for B2B email campaigns, and email marketing has a 4x higher ROI than any other digital channel. The opportunities are endless with email marketing. With the right strategy, digital marketers can see significant increases in their email marketing ROI and elevate their digital communication.

Why Use Email Marketing?


Tracking & Web Traffic

One of the most significant challenges digital marketers face is increasing website traffic, which increases the opportunity to start sales conversations. Email marketing is an essential tactic to drive high-quality leads to your website and get these conversations started. Perhaps one of the most attractive features of email marketing is its trackability. Understanding your campaign goals and the difference between KPIs and ROI is essential to measure your email marketing efforts’ success. However, even if you don’t reach all the marks you intended to, you can measure how far off you were and adjust appropriately to reach your audience better next time.

Automation Capabilities

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of email marketing is its automation capabilities. As expected with every sales process, consistency in communication is vital, and email automation allows for just that. Set up automated campaigns with response emails triggered by specific actions. Keep the conversation with your leads active by quickly sending a ‘Welcome’ or ‘Thank you’ email using automation. Then you can set up a drip or nurture campaign to stay fresh and relevant to new potential customers. Even with the legwork on the front end to set up an automated email campaign, automation is a significant step towards increasing ROI because the system does the most time-consuming work for you.

A/B Testing

The best way to maximize your email marketing efforts is by testing. Test your subject lines and email content to figure out which types of messaging or design resonates with your audience the most. With A/B testing, you can really get into what gets your audience engaged. From subject lines and content to emojis and graphic types, you can tailor your emails to get the results you want.


GROWL’s Email Marketing Hacks

Now that you see the benefits and capabilities of email marketing, your marketing team can start harnessing opportunities to elevate your strategy. Use GROWL’s email marketing hacks to activate and optimize your email marketing strategy and increase ROI.

Nail Down a Process

As with so many avenues for digital marketing, it is essential to have a step-by-step process outlined to ensure efficiency is at its highest and errors are not overlooked. Whether creating a robust automated campaign or sending out a monthly newsletter, ensure every email follows your process. Have set standards for email categories, subject lines, and preview lines. Remember, subject lines are perhaps even more important than the rest of the email content. Keep it short and sweet – make the reader want to learn more. Be sure to review test emails on various platforms and have a proofing checklist for content and design.

Email More Often

While you probably don’t want to overwhelm your audience’s inbox with your company’s marketing emails, understanding the balance is essential. New research from Hubspot states that conventional beliefs about sending frequency could be wrong. If you go from sending 5 emails to sending 6 a month, you lose a fraction of a percent in CTR. So, you’re actually gaining clicks because you’re emailing one extra time. The same thing was shown for unsubscribe rates; the more frequently you email your audience, the unsubscribe rate goes down by 1-2 decimals. Don’t be afraid to email your audience if you have valuable information to share. It won’t harm your data in the way you might expect.

Send Valuable ‘Thank you’ Emails

There are several types of marketing emails we receive daily, but which ones do you open or even save most often? Most likely, it’s a transactional email. Transactional emails are like a “Thank you” to customers for their business or interest. This could be an order confirmation, webinar registration confirmation, or simply a thank you for providing their contact information and providing something of value to the recipient. Don’t forget to include strong CTAs to drive your audience to continue engaging with your brand, whether through the website or social media.

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