The open rate is low, the click rate is lower, and the sales are almost non-existent. What am I doing wrong?  

Chances are, you’re not applying one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing in your emails—human psychology.  

Email marketing is one of the most critical communication tools for small entrepreneurs to large enterprises. Maximizing your efforts in this area is an excellent way to increase engagement and boost your repeat sales numbers. These tips from GROWL, combined with perseverance, imitation, and a splash of magic, will help you create captivating conversion-driven emails.  

Define Your Audience  

The first step in creating conversion-driven emails is knowing who your audience is. If you’re not specific with whom you’re addressing, emails will lose their value in the eyes of a consumer.   

Depending on what you sell or provide, your target audience may vary. Research your target audience and learn more about their needs, interests, problems, etc. It’s essential to define and segment your target audience to determine the creative messaging that will resonate with them, creating more personalized interactions.  

The Power of Personalization  

You’ve found your target audience. Great, now what? Use these insights to create more meaningful and personalized emails, leading to more conversions 

Effective personalized emails speak directly to the reader, building a relationship and creating an emotional connection to your brand. The goal is to communicate and provide value to your audience.  

While consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that provide personalized experiences, these experiences can also influence decision-making, from whether a consumer will open a brand email to buying decisions. Practical personalization ideas include:  

  • Personalizing subject line and copy with subscriber’s name  
  • Dynamically changing visuals in emails to appeal to different customers  
  • Using demographic and geographic data to create more personalized content  

Creating a Call to Action  

Emails without a call to action are like Facebook posts without images. They work, but they’re less effective than they could be. A call to action allows you to give directions, encouraging consumers to act. If you fail to place a CTA, your leads won’t know how to convert. Effective CTAs have:  

  • At least one clear and concise CTA per email
  • Use action-oriented text (Register, Buy, Order)  
  • Use encouraging and personal CTAs. (Comment, Reply, Talk to Us)

Want to take your CTAs to the next level? Like anything in marketing, apply some human psychology to it! Combining the ideas of scarcity in your CTAs creates a strong consumer response called FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), adding a sense of urgency to your message. 

Tracking Data  

The secret ingredient to creating conversion-driven emails is trial and error. This doesn’t mean sending bulk emails to lists hoping one of them works; instead, it’s about tracking what triggers are working and which aren’t.  

If you want to book actual results with your email campaigns, you must use A/B tests. Email A/B testing, also known as email split testing, sends two different versions of your email to two different sample groups of your email list. The email which receives the most opens and clicks (aka “the winning version”) will be sent out to the rest of your subscribers.  

The golden rule is to avoid excessive emailing, as it risks your campaign being too spammy. Crucial data points to track are:  

  • Which subject line has the best open rates  
  • Which button text makes people most eager to click  
  • What imagery in your email drives better conversions  
  • Etcetera—there’s so much to discover  

Keep It Short, Be Relevant, and Concise

It’s no secret that the average human attention span is slowly dwindling. It’s essential to keep your messaging short, relevant, and concise. Communicating concepts and solutions in simple, catchy ways can allow your readers to get through your message faster and more efficiently.   

Still not seeing the email conversion you’re searching for? Reach out to GROWL today! 


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