A lot can change over the course of a year. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and conduct a mid-year review of your marketing plan to ensure your strategy is effective and accurately reaches your target audience.


Mid-Year Evaluation

Throughout the year, it's possible that you’ve lost sight of your initial marketing goals or strayed from your initial strategy. As you prepare to finish the year strong and start next year’s marketing initializes out on the right foot, it’s important to review your mid-year progress so you can realign your strategy as necessary.

Follow GROWL’s guide to reviewing and updating your marketing plan so you can drive positive results for the second half of the year.



Getting Started

First things first, you need to assess the original strategy and goals to ensure they still align with the direction of your organization. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your goals realistic and measurable?
  • Did you fully accomplish any of the goals: Why or why not?
  • Have your goals or priorities changed?

Next, evaluate your campaign and marketing execution:

  • Which campaigns are completed, and which ones need focus?
  • Did you meet your campaign objectives? Why or why not?
  • What insights can you gain from your current marketing data?
  • What challenges or roadblocks have you faced so far?


Finally, determine new opportunities:

  • What growth opportunities do you see for the last half of the year?
  • Are there any new marketing channels you want to target?
  • Is there anything new your audience may be looking forward to?


Check It Off

To help you stay on track, utilize a marketing and sales checklist to help with monthly and quarterly planning. Continuously analyze and update your plan based on the data you are collecting and be sure to check in with team members to ensure marketing and sales alignment.

Need help making sure your mid-year marketing review is on the right track? Download GROWL's Mid-Year Marketing Review Checklist and start evaluating your current marketing initiatives today.


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