The world of marketing is constantly evolving. While it's challenging to predict how trends and technology will change in the future, you can take an educated guess based on statistics and user behavior. As you build your 2023 marketing strategy, keep GROWL's top 4 trends for 2023 in mind.  


Dynamic content is crucial when it comes to increasing personalization and contextual engagements across various audiences. Dynamic content and personalization enable marketers to guide the customer experience based on individual user behavior and preferences. Dynamic content can range from including the user's first name to altering product features based on in-session site behavior. Adaptive retargeting is also a form of dynamic content, as user behavior and interest can be used to alter in-site ads, curating a better customer experience.  

Consumers today expect brands to know more about them than ever before, and these high expectations will continue in 2023. Exceed these expectations by incorporating dynamic content into your marketing strategy through email personalization, smart content on landing pages, and dynamic retargeting.  



When used strategically, video content is a creative way to engage your audience while still educating them about your brand. In fact, 54% of consumers say they want to see more video content from the brands and businesses they interact with, and this isn't going away in the new year.  

Consider repurposing webinars or past video content for podcasts, social media clips, and more. Leverage repurposed content by sending it out in your newsletters or adding it to your website as FAQ responses. Or attract prospects by sending out cold emails with video as a resource. When showcasing video content, you'll gain your audience's trust and start conversations organically, all while driving in leads and boosting ROI.  


Since Google has delayed cookie-cutting until 2024, your team must use 2023 as a testing and planning period for the cookie-less world. In the past, cookies have helped marketers collect information on their audience without explicitly asking for it, but with the increase in privacy concerns, this will no longer be an option. In 2023, adjust your strategy to acquire more first-party or zero-party data. This subset of customer information is critical data that your audience has voluntarily and intentionally shared with you to receive a more customized experience.  

In the new year, leverage interactive content such as quizzes, polls, surveys, and more to collect this information. This interactive content provides a visual appearance and helps hold the user's attention. Plus, once you get more information on their needs, you can use this to personalize content and drive them toward conversion.  


Thanks to search engines, today's consumers can find the answer to their inquiries within seconds. In fact, 66% of consumers say that they expect to engage with someone immediately when contacting a company. Don't let your brand be any different. If you haven't yet, implement live chat into your 2023 strategy by utilizing marketing automation software and chatbots.  

Start by developing a deep understanding of your customers and the information they'll be looking for. The more information you provide to the AI (Artificial Intelligence), the better. Consider leveraging HubSpot's free chatbot builder software to get started. Then, optimize your chatbot to match your brand identity and tone of voice to ensure your tech reflects your brand. Doing this creates a frictionless customer experience and prevents your audience from reaching out to your competitors for a response.  

Is your company not ready for AI? Empower your service team with live chat. Live chat is similar to chatbots, but instead of leveraging AI to create responses, there are actual human support representatives on the other side. This allows your team to quickly communicate with your audience and provide solutions instantly.

While no expert can predict the future of marketing, if you start the new year off with these 4 marketing trends, you'll see an increase in ROI and grow quicker than before. Need help building your 2023 strategy? Let's talk.

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