As we’ve mentioned before, it’s critical to have a robust marketing strategy. The marketing world is constantly growing and advancing, and to stay relevant in the industry, your business needs to stay up to date with the latest marketing tips and trends. Make your business stronger with these 2022 trends from GROWL.


1 Own Your Audience

Social platforms own your audience and contacts, not you. It’s important to start owning your audience so you can ensure that the specialized message you want to send your users actually reaches them. With the non-stop flow of new information, the attention span of consumers is shorter than ever. That’s why ensuring your content reaches your intended audience is difficult. Consumers are only getting more selective about what they consume, so take this as an opportunity to own your audience and create custom content all year.


2 Become A Thought Leader

Nobody likes feeling like they’re being pressured or rushed into purchasing something. Instead of hard selling your products or services, educating your customers on why they need you will be much more effective. Consumers are all about convenience, so it’s going to be your job to show them you have what they need ;and that you can provide genuine value in their lives.


3 Strengthen Your Storytelling Skills

Anyone can say their product or service is the best, but how can your consumers trust you if you don’t have the evidence and story to back it up? Brands must deliver their message in a way that tells stories about their products or services. Many businesses are still on the trend of using a lot of fluff words to describe their product because they think that’s what consumers want to hear. In reality, consumers want to hear stories about the time your product or service helped to solve a specific problem or how it improved someone’s life. In 2022, become such a great storyteller you’re able to make your customers think, “hmm, maybe I should give this a try.”


4 Create A Great User Experience

As mentioned earlier, the attention span of a consumer is now shorter than ever. Users expect convenience and products to work quickly, so if additional factors lead to slowed download times, users will get discouraged and move on to something quicker. Consumers need to receive feedback as quickly as possible, so every extra second is time that the consumer can leave the site, stop using the mobile app, and start looking for a different option. Create a great user experience to keep consumers on your site and interested.


5 Take Advantage of Audio-Visual Content

Why read about something when you can watch it and become informed in seconds? During the start of the pandemic, when people were cooped up inside their homes, audio-visual content like live streams and advertisements increased. Video as a marketing strategy is now taking over the digital space, and in 2022, more than 80% of online consumer traffic will involve video watching. Today, many consumers prefer watching video content from brands, which will only continue to increase, making it vital to take advantage of audio-visual content.


6 Ephemeral Content

This kind of content is only viewable for 24 hours, which creates an urgency to view it. Ephemeral content is extremely popular on social platforms like Instagram Stories, Facebook My Day feature, and Snapchat Snap Stories. Posting content on these platforms and taking advantage of this marketing method will help to create immediate customer engagement and help your brand reach audiences quicker.


7 Keep Your Website Updated

It’s critical to keep your website updated with the latest content designs, which will add value to the customer experience. The goal is to attract them to your website and keep them coming back. Always be on the lookout for new ways you can entice customers through unbeatable offers, promotional content, and showcasing the amazing features of your product. Plus, consistently updating your website is a great way to stay on top of your SEO.   


8 Focus on Personalization

Personalization may be a marketing trend, but it has been important in the marketing sphere for quite some time. In the coming years, there will continue to be more channels for customers to consume marketing content. Spend time trying to understand which channels appeal most to your audience and then create personalized messages in a way that speaks to them the best.


9 AI and Chatbots

With AI becoming increasingly popular, integrating it with human labor is a combination that assists businesses in enhancing their productivity and efficiency. Customers are impatient and expect an immediate response from customer service. This is where AI-based chatbots come into play. Rapid response time makes chatbots an essential tool. The more automation you integrate into your business, the easier it will be to focus on more specialized and personalized operations.


10 Expect the Unexpected

With consumer attention spans so short and loads of content flooding the internet daily, marketers should be prepared for anything. Stay up to date on 2022 marketing trends and continuously explore and brainstorm creative ways to think outside of the box to stay relevant in our fast-paced and ever-changing world.

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