Are you among the 60% of marketers who struggle to create engaging content? If so, you’re not alone. When the world is full of messages, and the average user’s attention span is 8 seconds, how do you create content that delights, informs, and converts? This is where interactive marketing comes into play. Make content that cuts through the noise with GROWL’s guide to interactive marketing.


What is interactive marketing?

Interactive marketing is a strategy that drives user engagement through gamified or interactive content, such as quizzes or polls. Most marketing content is static, meaning your audience can only consume it passively. If static content is a monologue, interactive content is a dialogue, paving the way for more meaningful engagement and richer customer profiles.


Benefits of interactive marketing

You probably incorporate several tactics into your marketing strategy, so what makes interactive marketing so special? Interactive content generates 2x more conversions than passive content, and 93% of marketers find it highly effective at educating prospective customers. Plus, interactive content enables you to respond to your users based on their actions, giving you better insight into their mindset. This leads to greater lead scoring, better customer profiles, and improved nurturing across the buyer’s journey. From landing pages to social media to email, you can implement interactive marketing on most mediums, making it a flexible tactic to implement into your marketing strategy.


Interactive marketing examples


Everyone likes to win, and contests are a great way to foster engagement, especially on social platforms like Instagram. Host a caption contest, encouraging users to engage with your content, or a giveaway requiring users to tag friends or share to their Story to enter. The increased interaction from your audience will boost your engagement and optimize your brand awareness.


This type of interactive content is a great way to draw meaningful information out of your customers and prospects, helping you create fuller customer profiles. Results of quizzes and assessments can also be gated, making them fantastic lead magnets. However, 75% of marketers who create interactive content found that non-gated interactive content can provide a “sample” of the brand, resulting in more thorough lead nurturing.


Data can be a great selling point for your company, but it can be challenging to make engaging. Letting users interact with your data will help them retain the information and your message. For example, the BBC created an interactive infographic called “Will a Robot Take Your Job?” which lets users enter their job titles to get stats related to the automation of their field.


Get creative with interactive marketing! With platforms like Ceros or Rock Content, you can make just about anything interactive. Spice up your quarterly newsletter with a quiz, boost your sales email with a virtual lottery scratcher, or experiment with interactive product demos. The only limit is your imagination!


Interactive marketing best practices

Optimize your interactive marketing strategy with these best practices tips:


Make sure your content matches the context. This general marketing rule also applies to your interactive marketing strategy. For example, if you’re using an assessment as a lead magnet, make sure your results connect to a landing page or email that reflects the same message.


Interactive marketing allows you to gain more detailed insights into your audience’s needs. Learning more about their preferences and pain points allows you to provide value in new and engaging ways. With detailed information in hand, you can adjust your strategy to personalize your messaging.


Certain interactive content has a greater impact depending on where your customer is on their buyer’s journey. 75% of marketers found contests most effective in the awareness/discovery stage, while 50% found interactive eBooks most effective in the consideration stage. These are just guidelines, however, so experiment with what resonates with your audience.


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