Marketing is continually evolving, which is why staying up to date on the latest trends is important. Take your business to new heights and elevate your 2022 marketing strategy with our top 10 tips. 


1 Generate leads 

Content reaching your audience is great, but the following steps after the initial touchpoint are crucial. Lead generation marketing can help you organically build a relationship with your audience, driving them to participate in desired actions. Utilize lead generations in your email, social, and blog by driving your audience to a landing page with a form to collect information. This allows you to give them an offer based on the touchpoint, including free assets or industry knowledge that inspires your audience to complete your call-to-action and keep them coming back for more. 


2 Invest in online events 

While many events went virtual out of necessity due to the pandemic, they are still increasing in popularity. With the ability to gain information from the comfort of your own home, some consumers opt to keep online events to accommodate those who have maintained a virtual work environment. Whether it’s networking opportunities, conferences, or other industry events, utilize fully virtual or hybrid events to gather data on your audience and create consumer profiles to help generate content. 


3 Utilize email for every lifecycle stage 

Emails can be a great way to engage customers, but they need to be calculated. Send your audience emails at different lifecycle touchpoints to customize their experience with your brand as much as possible. When you build the relationship based on touchpoints, the interaction feels less like a cold call and can drive your audience to complete your desired action. 


4 Show that you are the expert 

In a world full of options at our fingertips, your audience needs to know that you are an expert in your industry. Instead of attempting a hard sell, put your efforts towards becoming a thought-leader in your industry. By doing this, you’re not only building the trust of your audience but also showing them why they need you. 


5 Become familiar with AI 

If you’re looking for a new way to boost sales efforts, it might be time to consider utilizing AI. AI can help collect data about existing and potential customers, helping you build a better marketing strategy. AI has also created suggestions based on previous interactions, boosting efficiency and creating a better customer experience. 


6 Transition from third-party cookies 

While Google announced that it won’t start blocking third-party cookies until 2024, it’s important to brainstorm alternative advertising technology. Boost your CRM tools to ensure you’re still gathering the data you need once cookie tracking is no longer in place. 


7 Don’t forget about Pinterest 

Pinterest has been increasing in popularity in recent years. The platform has seen a 150% increase in searches a month since 2016. With up to 5 billion monthly searches, it’s essential you incorporate the platform into your marketing strategy to help reach your target audience. 


8 Optimize MarTech 

Marketing technology can help boost efficiency, but it’s essential to optimize your technology regularly. You might have automated workflows and tech processes for your marketing campaigns, but it can be easy to create those features and never revisit them. Maximize your technology and ensure you get the most out of your campaign by consistently updating your MarTech. 


9 Create content based on data 

Data is no longer just for analysts. Data should be at the root of all your decision-making processes, including content planning. Every marketer should feel comfortable looking at their social data and adjusting their marketing strategy accordingly. By focusing on the top-performing posts and your followers’ engagement, you can create customized content that resonates with your audience. 


10 Engage at every touchpoint 

Incorporate lifecycle marketing in your 2022 strategy to ensure you engage with your audience at every touchpoint. From the initial attraction to becoming a brand advocate, the experience you give your customers is extremely important from start to end. Lifecycle marketing can help you positively influence consumer behavior by building a relationship with consumers every time they interact with your brand to keep them coming back. 

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