The B2B market is complex. B2B sales and marketing are constantly evolving, meaning customers expect the same level of human touch and personalization as a B2C transaction. With so many touch points along the average B2B buyer’s journey, there’s more room for friction and a potential for money to be left on the table. Learn how to minimize gaps and accelerate B2B sales growth with these strategic tips from GROWL.


Tip 1: Don’t Neglect Your Website

Your website is the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. It’s present in every stage of the buyer’s journey, and the hub prospects use to learn more about your business and offerings. As we’ve mentioned before, your website should be designed to drive growth. Too often, B2B websites are bare-bones—only showing off the executive team or full of broken links and non-existent pages.

Tactics should focus on leveraging SEO to direct organic traffic to your site, assist prospects in learning about your products and make it easy to contact you. As part of your B2B growth strategy, your site should be customer-centric and focused on informing visitors what problems you solve. Unsure where to start? Perform a quick website audit.


Website Audit Checklist>

  • Does your website content and imagery encourage a prospect to learn more?
  • Is there a clear, visible CTA on the home page?
  • Is your current website effective for lead generation
  • Do you have a way to capture prospect information on your site?
  • Is there a click-to-call phone number?
  • Is your address correct with Google and Apple Maps?
  • Does the email on your website work?>

Keep in mind—it’s important to ensure your website is mobile-friendly, especially if your website analytics show your users accessing your site on mobile. Being multi-platform optimized is essential to a B2B growth strategy. Run a check on your website’s mobile optimization here


Tip 2: Email Communication for B2B Sales Growth

Email remains a highly effective channel for B2B sales and marketing communication. It’s an excellent tool for lead generation, driving awareness, and opening communication with your prospects.

Many companies struggle to utilize email as a marketing and lead generation tool. Without strategy and consistency, you will not see email’s effectiveness as a B2B sales growth tool. If you’re struggling to leverage email to accelerate growth, consider the following to create a more holistic and effective strategy.

Take Your Email Strategy to the Next Level

  • Segment your email list

    • By segmenting your email list, you will be sure to deliver the right message to the right audience. Email lists can be segmented by the buyer’s journey stages, prospect type, or industry. Creating robust lists will help you understand where prospective buyers may be getting lost and help you gain a stronger understanding of your audience.
  • Implement automated workflows

    • Reduce friction by setting up automated workflows for various stages within your audience’s buyer’s journey. These workflows will help you deliver consistent messaging and help your offerings stay top of mind.
  • Set up a sales pipeline

    • These pipelines will guide your audience from the awareness stage into the conversion stage, nurturing the relationship to increase loyalty and advocacy post-purchase. After your prospect has entered the awareness or consideration stage, you must continue to guide them throughout their journey.


Tip 3: Leverage Social Media for B2B Growth

B2B doesn’t have to be all emails and brochures—your prospects are on social media, too. Accelerate your B2B sales growth by enhancing your social media presence and strategy.  Like email, social media is an efficient way to build brand awareness, funnel traffic to your site, and increase conversions. Research which channels are the most effective for communicating with your buyer’s personas and focus your energy there.


Getting Started with Social Media for Sales Growth:

  • Leverage lead generation ads

    • Lead generation ads allow you to collect information for qualified leads and position your business as a leading expert. Consider offering a value-added resource relevant to your key offerings to encourage prospects to provide their contact information. When setting up lead generation ads, tailor your ads to reach your target audience and key demographics.>
  • Utilize LinkedIn sales navigator

    • LinkedIn is a fantastic space for B2B marketing and sales. LinkedIn sales navigator allows you to tap into their vast member network to build lasting relationships by identifying the right decision-makers, shortening sales cycles, and helping you connect with buyers.
  • Create referral networks

    • Tapping into referral networks allows you to accelerate B2B sales growth through peer-to-peer sharing and word of mouth. Turn your top customers into advocates for your brand by incentivizing them to share their experiences, thus creating social proof and expanding your reach.>

If your B2B growth strategy already includes social media, but you’re struggling to see returns, consider using social media audits to clarify your cross-platform branding and messaging. Use GROWL’s social media audit to see how your social platforms stack up.

Modern B2B marketing is a wonderful world of creativity and strategy. If you’re looking for an extra push to accelerate your B2B sales growth, contact the GROWL team today

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