When it comes to business-to-business marketing, providing valuable content is a critical B2B lead generation strategy. Both quality and quantity matter and content needs to be in the right place at the right time. There are various ways to create content that targets B2B leads, and each tactic involves talking about something you know very well – your business’ industry.

B2B leads are like orchestrating a 90-piece symphony. With many moving parts, you may not be able to identify each individual sound, but when it’s done right, it all comes together to create the perfect result.

Leads are no different. Say you have a lead from your podcast, but those podcast listeners came from your social post and found your social page from a blog. High-quality content needs to be everywhere, and although you may not know where your first impression is coming from, B2B lead generation is happening!

Content is more fine-tuned than ever, and it is not enough to have substance but instead have content that acts as a conversation and even has personality. Content produces leads because it is educational and holds value to the viewer.

GROWL’s Guide to B2B Lead Generation


1 Capture Leads in Email

Email continues to dominate conversion, especially if you dig into the data and personalize emails. To use emails effectively, break down email lists into smaller target groups based on similarities you have identified in the marketing strategy. Create multiple emails for smaller target audiences based on buying patterns, interests, demographics, etc. This means you will have to produce more content, but the email view to lead conversion is proven to be higher.


2 Leverage Webinars for B2B Connections

The benefit of a webinar is that it is personal and makes for quick connections meaning quick B2B leads. Webinars allow the host to showcase their trustworthy personality and extensive knowledge by teaching about something they are passionate about. Webinars also have low production costs!


3 Prospect with Podcasts

The cat is out of the bag when it comes to podcasts. This momentum has been building fast, and although the podcast world is officially saturated, a niche target market is where you can find ample opportunities! Engage with their following and introduce yourself to potential leads. The barrier to entry may be minimal, but producing valuable high-level content that is also entertaining is rare! Remember to utilize your social media, email list, and website to encourage your audience to listen.


4 Establish Credibility Through Blogs

Long-form content is in the spotlight in B2B lead generation. Again, inform the audience and show off the knowledge that makes you credible. With a blog, you show trustworthiness by organizing your expertise into words and filling the void of understanding that your audience is missing. Well over half of B2B consumers look to blogs before making their purchase decision. And 47% of these consumers read 2 to 3 blogs before they talk to a sales rep. By digging into the details of how to complete a task or fix a problem, the consumer will feel like you are talking directly to them.


5 Engage with Video

You have heard it time and time again; videos are the most viewed content. While this is the truth, and you should be utilizing video in your marketing strategy, have you thought about using video outreach on the sales side of the business to generate B2B Leads? For one-to-one sales, create leads by making a short video about who you are and what problem your product can solve. Send this personalized video directly to the right person, and they are more likely to watch the video than read another sales email.


B2B Lead Generation on Social Media

The goal of leads is conversion, and the purpose of social media is meant for connection. Come up with a strategy for social that helps you walk the fine line between conversion and conversation. Luckily, generating leads in 2020 is becoming more about building relationships. Here are two things to keep in mind when on social:

  • Engage in two-way conversations. Post content that adds value using the tools we talked about above. Go to forums where your customers are likely to engage and share your knowledge. Gain the user’s attention by focusing on captivating graphics and copy that stand out.
  • Don’t forget your CTAs! Social media results are value-driven, so don’t make your CTA a desperate call to buy your product. However, invite the reader to learn more by clicking on your blog, podcast, or webinar. Invest in quality landing pages that will help you continue your credibility and provide easy-to-find information. Have email sign-ups ready to roll because if they loved the first piece of content they discovered, they might like to receive more value-adding information. Remember, your leads are coming from people who are seeking value, not a sales trap!

LinkedIn – Made for B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn is full of opportunities for B2B lead generation. Like all platforms, join conversations, engage in groups, and stay active. This platform is made for the business professional, and this is what you have to remember when utilizing the platform. With the sales navigation tool, you can build lists based on location, job titles, company size, industry, etc. Connect with as many of these people as you can, and send free messages through the platform when they connect back. With such a quality list of people, you will find quality leads.

Paid content can be beneficial, but you have to know how to generate leads from your paid effort first. Unlike Facebook, which has a CPC of $2-$3, LinkedIn will run you $8-$11 CPC. This is a significant investment; however, these clicks have a higher chance of turning into leads and an even higher chance of turning into customers. With a B2B sale, LinkedIn ads could be worth the investment when utilized correctly.


Perfect B2B Marketing with Personalization and Automation

Want to add automation to the marketing mix? You should! Just make sure it is personalized. Just like sales discovered the power of customer service, digital marketing has found the power of being personal. Fitting the needs of each consumer in your content takes time; however, use automation to help gain this time back. Take your leads through a customer journey and allow the automation to keep you consistent. These leads will be of higher quality and worth your time.



The customer journey can be cleaned up when you implement a plan. Map out your customer journey from getting leads to customer status. When everything gets rolling, automation can do the work for you and will help you to be consistent.



Like most marketing strategies, integrate data! You can’t narrow your target market if you don’t look at the analytics. Use the data to personalize your automation and marketing messaging.


Content is all about quality. Generating B2B leads does not come easy and requires a genuine effort to give great information to your potential leads. Reach the right people at the right time by utilizing different forms of content on various platforms. Break down your target markets by analyzing data and consider personalizing email and videos to these smaller groups. Last, jump on the LinkedIn train to increase B2B lead generating. Otherwise, you are missing out!

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