Investing in strategic design can elevate a good business to a great business. From cosmetic brands to dating apps, many customers engage with a brand because of the first visual impression. A brilliant design creates a strong brand identity that sparks a connection with customers through their interests, background, and personality.

At GROWL, we know that data-driven strategy and exceptional design bring our clients to a unique, competitive position in their respective industries. An effective and creative design style creates a positive first impression for customers and helps them connect with the brand on a deeper level.

Here’s why your company needs to invest in brand design.

Strategic design increases the bottom line

Since we don’t want to leave you hanging for too long without this answer, let’s make it clear that strategic design increases your company’s profits. Multiple studies show that design increases your net operating profit and net turnover. Across all channels, strategic design creates functionality and leads to sales. Customers’ first impression is crucial, and a beautiful design throughout other collaterals allows people to have a positive user experience.

Your logo dictates the first impression

Most of the time, the logo is the first contact a customer will have with your brand. It should align with your brand values, personality, and purpose. Thus, your logo, along with other marketing pieces, will naturally attract customers that share similar sets of interests and identify with your brand.

With so many competitors and strong customer judgment, your brand needs a good design to stand out among the competitors. Studies show that a good logo is 13% more likely to get customers’ attention and 71.6% more likely to respond positively. It takes a customer 10 seconds to determine their first impression but 5-7 seconds to recognize a brand’s logo, making it even more crucial to create a memorable design and embrace the current marketing trends.

Strategic design makes your website easy to navigate

Good design not only provides a strong branded look but also makes the workflow easier. In a website, a clean and cohesive design increases its functionality and sparks customer interest to navigate, learn more, and ultimately buy your product or service. Here, strategic design is the vessel of hierarchy, guiding traffic to take a specific action.

Social media is not the same without good design

Studies have shown that strategic design increases customers’ engagement on social media. Across all platforms, posts with visual assets see higher engagement than those without. Nearly 70% of all social media users want to engage with posts that have images, while only 30% desire text-only posts. Remember that strategic design should add context and value to the overall concept.

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