When prospects, leads, and customers visit your website, the first page they’ll encounter is your homepage. Effectively designing and building your homepage is essential in retaining customers and their interest. Follow GROWL’s quick guide to homepage design to elevate your web touchpoints.

Importance of Homepage Design

Your website and homepage design can actually be the difference between a sale or skip. Overall web design impacts how your target audience interacts and views your business, regardless of your company’s size, 48% of viewers find visual features and functionality to be a key indicator of credibility. When a viewer feels comfort and trust with your site, they’re likely to become a customer. Having a beautifully functional site (positive UX and UI) will achieve a higher conversion rate, in fact, design-driven websites are 69% more likely to exceed business goals (aka more revenue).

Optimize Your Homepage Design

Your homepage is often the first impression for viewers – and 94% of these first impressions are design-related. And as a visual society, nearly 40% of visitors will quit engaging on a site if the content is not pretty and functional. By following these 5 steps, you’ll be able to revamp and enhance your homepage (and beyond).

GROWL’s Guide to Homepage (and Beyond) Design

1 Give Viewers What They Want – Company Information

Always include:

  • Products & Services
  • Contact Information
  • Company Information
  • Social Media Icons (header or footer)

Optional to include:

  • Testimonials
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Blog
  • Pricing

2 Use an Adequate Hosting Site to Ensure Quick Load Speeds.

In today’s world of want it now, get it now, a single second of added page load speed can drop sales by 27%.

3 Incorporate Minor User Elements that Elevate the Experience.

But, always verify that actions, animations, and all links work. Over 70% of online businesses fail because of poor usability.

4 Have a CTA on the Homepage.

About 70% of small business websites don’t have a CTA on their homepage, and they’re missing out. Maximize your homepage to not only be informational but to be conversion driven.

5 Your Company Logo Must Link to the Homepage.

When visitors find your link via referral sites, they will click header logos and expect to be taken to your home page.

Web design, visually and functionally, can be complicated. However, it’s crucial to create a balance that ensures positive click rates, visits, and conversions.

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