Top 4 Tips to Create a Better Website Experience

It’s key for your digital visitors to get a good feel of who you are as an organization when they first visit your website. First impressions are important, and the digital experience needs to be responsive and professional, or there’s a good chance the visitors may leave.

Your homepage should easily let your prospects and customers know who you are and your main expertise. Your website should be visually appealing and easy to read. It takes a deep understanding of your target audiences and how you will deliver an impactful message.

Websites are powerful and, for many, can be the most powerful sales tool in their day-to-day business. If you’re like many of our clients and struggle to figure out where you should focus your attention, here are our top 4 ways to improve your website and improve conversions.

1 Simplify

Review your website to determine what could be simplified. You have seconds when people view your site. This experience cannot be clustered, scattered, or messy. It’s beneficial to have a simple, clean site that’s easy to use to allow the visitor's brain to process the information without much effort.

Growl Tip: Remember, visitors can view a poorly designed webpage as untrustworthy.

2 Graphics

Creating visually appealing graphics on your website allows your digital visitors to easily remember information. It takes the average human 0.15 seconds to process an image and twice as long for text. A human’s attention span ranges from about eight seconds. You need to take this into consideration while creating visual elements on your website. This will help the user’s brain continue to be engaged and increase the amount of time they spend learning more about your organization.

Growl Tip: Reaching back to our first point, be simple with the placement of images rather than scattering or clustering them.


3 Be Mobile Friendly

In today’s world, mobile has changed the game. Most of us have smartphones within easy reach. This is why having a strong online mobile presence has become crucial. Visitors want their information fast and conveniently, and for most, that’s through mobile.

Growl Tip: Is your website responsive? Check this on various devices to have a clear understanding of how your website is viewed by your prospects. 



4 Call to Action

Your website’s main goal should be to persuade your visitors to act. This could be to contact you, download an article, or call you. In order for those things to happen, visitors may need a little extra motivation which comes from a call to action. In addition, do not confuse the viewer with multiple calls to action on each webpage. Have a clear call to action and goal for each page. The end result is to lead them to take the desired action.

Growl Tip: When designing CTAs, remember to keep the text on them short, clear, and to the point. Also, the color and placement of the button are vital to ensure it’s easily accessible to the viewer.


Your website design will direct how people feel about your company and brand. It can easily be whether one clicks through your website to learn more or moves on to your competitor.

Growl Tips:

  • Content is king for your website. Make sure your content is developed with your prospects in mind.
  • Use high-quality images that represent your brand.
  • Be sure your webpage is 100% mobile friendly. Try out the mobile test. 
  • Make the call to action engaging and appealing, so visitors want to find out more.

GROWL is highly trained and effective in each one of these areas. If you need help or simply want to learn more, contact GROWL today.


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