For B2B markers, email marketing is an effective tool to reach your audience, nurture relationships, and drive conversions. However, your campaigns may fall short without a robust email list containing the right audience.  

Growing your email list takes time and a dedicated ongoing strategy. Read on to learn how to grow your email list organically with GROWL’s top 5 tactics!  



Your website is a critical touchpoint for reaching potential customers. Make the most of your website traffic by capturing contact information by requesting users opt into your email list through a website pop-up.  

When using website pop-ups for email database growth, be sure to get the timing right. Pop-ups can be triggered by various user actions, including exits, duration on-site, and site location. Consider experimenting with variables including the number of pages the pop-up appears, time spent on the page, percentage of the page the user needs to scroll, and tying pop-ups to specific and relevant offers. Additionally, be sure your pop-up includes a clear CTA and a strong reason encouraging prospects to opt into your emails.  



Your website’s landing page can be a powerful tool for gathering emails from future clients that have visited your website. Add materials to your landing page that are interesting and valuable for your prospects and clients then ask visitors to provide their email to download the information.  

To ensure you capture the right audience, consider promoting gated content such as buyer’s guides, eBooks, webinars, or industry research reports. By tailoring this content to your target audience, you can increase awareness and demonstrate the value you will provide to your prospects. 



Social media is an ideal way to extend your business’ reach. Your followers already keep up with your content and know the value your business provides. Encourage them to continue building a relationship with your brand by opting into your email list. Integrate posts encouraging followers to join your newsletter or download gated content throughout your social media strategy

Additionally, you can leverage paid social media advertising to grow your audience and facilitate email database growth. Be sure to tailor content and utilize keywords relevant to your target audience with a clear CTA. With a solid organic foundation, your brand can run highly targeted ads to reach prospects fitting your target audience’s demographics and further grow your email list. 



The goal is for your email to have a high open and click rate and ultimately generate more sales leads. After you’ve captured your prospect’s emails, ensure they will continue engaging with your content rather than hitting the unsubscribe button. Email recipients are more likely to open and engage with content that caters to their specific needs and interests. Therefore, adapting your content to speak directly to your audience is essential.  

The simplest way to ensure the right message reaches the right audience is to segment your email list. Email lists can be segmented by demographics including industry, company size, geography, and more. Consider which segmentation model will work best for your business and target audience. Within your content, use appropriate keywords, identify pain points, and utilize personalization where appropriate.



To keep your audience engaged, ensure the visuals of your email are just as captivating and complement the content without being too distracting. By including eye-catching visuals and a user experience that is easy to follow, you will be able to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to read on. Being memorable will differentiate your email from the competition and even encourage prospects to hit the forward button!  

When designing your emails, ensure formatting is consistent across assets, visuals provide value and support the content rather than distract from it, and the font is legible. Before launching your email marketing campaign, ensure your audience has a seamless experience by testing assets on various email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail, desktop and mobile, and checking content in dark mode to ensure nothing disappears.  

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