Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to your business’s success, but figuring out how to master it can be challenging. When you implement SEO the right way, you can generate web traffic, improve user experience, and increase brand credibility. But what is the right way? Check out GROWL’s top 5 best practices for SEO.

Be Calculated with Keyword Use

Keywords can help boost your website’s ranking, but it can be challenging to balance keyword density. In fact, if you prioritize the number of keywords used over the readability of your content, Google will rank you lower.

This is why it’s so important to optimize keywords by putting them in the right places, such as your URL. It’s also critical to take time to research which keywords will drive traffic using tools such as Google Search Console to ensure your keywords are being searched while not getting drowned out.

Create Authentic Content

Content that ranks well with search engines is as authentic and helpful to the user as possible It’s important to make sure you’re creating content for your audience first and foremost—keywords are implemented to help guide the audience. Take the time to understand your audience and what they might be searching for, and how they might phrase their search. Your audience’s search intent will be a driving factor in site impressions. In doing this, you can better generate content that hasn’t been published before and differentiate your content from similar options.

Spend Time on your Meta Description

Meta descriptions are a summary of the content and the first impression your audience has of the page. A good meta description includes the information your audience is looking for while piquing their interest and enticing your audience to keep reading. Include your key phrases and keep your audience’s search intent in mind while writing the meta description.

Optimize Your Page Speed

In a world of information at our fingertips, people want answers to their questions instantly. If your page takes too long to load, people will move on to other sources with similar information. Clean up your page by performing routine maintenance by deleting old plugins, compressing images, and choosing the best file format to optimize your page speed. Likely, if your bounce rate is above 40%, your site speed, along with other factors, could be the cause.

Update Old Content

With SEO continuously evolving, it doesn’t hurt to go back and update old content. Updates should include adding relevant keywords, tweaking copy for better readability, and updating links to boost your traffic. Google does take relevant content into account when ranking your blog or landing page, so by updating and maintaining content, you are saving time and staying relevant.

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