Culture-fit is a critical element in employee hiring and retention – it’s the glue that holds the organization together. While culture-fit is crucial to gauge during the interview process, you shouldn’t wait until you have an opening to showcase your culture.

Every company allocates time and monetary resources to create market demand for products and services, so why not do the same for culture? Culture doesn’t happen overnight; it grows over time from within and with consistency. Thus, your company should have the mindset to create a talent demand for your company’s culture. Exposing potential candidates to the larger picture of what it would be like to work at your organization also takes time, flexibility, and authenticity.


You can’t fake it

There are no strict guidelines on how to create a desirable culture. Much startup culture appeal focuses on beers, kombucha, balconies, and other cool amenities, but the real motivator for your team must be deeper.

Discover your passions beyond the office, commit to your community, and give back to your employees. Then, share genuine team connections on social media.


LEVERAGE social media to showcase your culture

Social media is useful for sharing what your business does and generating leads, but its foundational purpose is to foster connections and relationships. So, take to your Instagram and Facebook to show WHO you are, not just WHAT you do.

  • Showcase the Team
    Highlight your team’s expertise and accomplishments, inside and out of the office. Let everyone know you recognize that they truly are your most valuable asset.
  • Showcase Company Events
    We spend a lot of time with our work families. Demonstrate how you like to spend your time together, at company events or in the office.
  • Talk About Community Involvement
    Employees want to work for companies that are bigger than the bottom line. If you aren’t engaged in the community, #getinvolved.
  • Share a Story
    All these ideas are simple ways to provide glimpses of life inside your organizational community. If you want to drive demand, fuel your story with technology. Utilize video, virtual reality, and/or augmented reality.


US Navy Recruitment Experience

At the local airshow, we had the opportunity to walk through an experience created by the US Navy to connect to the community and ultimately drive recruitment. From start to finish, we experienced elements of life in the Navy.

  1. To start, we enlisted, provided our names, and pertinent information in exchange for dog tags (we thankfully skipped boot camp.)
  2. We entered the ops trailer, scanned our dog tags, and received our SWCC Mission…extract a Seal Team.
  3. With one hand on the helm, the other on the throttle, and VR equipment in place, we forged ahead and completed our mission.
  4. Back at base, we debriefed on the successes and failures and then learned about all the job opportunities available in the US Navy.
  5. Now head outside and partake in the pushup and pull-up contests.

Not everyone who walks through this experience is a potential Navy recruit. But everyone in the US Navy Experience:

  1. Created their unique connection to “the brand” and potentially a preference over “other brands.”
  2. Told others about their experience (in person and across social media).


Culture for Recruitment

When it comes to filling an open position, time is of the essence. However, you’ve got to play the long game because the best candidates don’t always reach out when you are actively recruiting. These are relationships you must nurture to make hiring easier for yourself in the future. Now may not be the right time, but as your organization’s needs grow, it could blossom into a perfect match down the road.

Consider creating a talent nurture campaign to keep in front of qualified candidates, so when you are ready to reach out, hopefully, they will be ready to listen.

Need help strategizing your social media culture campaign? We can help, contact GROWL today.

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