Office culture is constantly changing, whether your team works in person or is hybrid. Your employees are the sole reason your business operates smoothly and efficiently, so keep that in mind as your company continues to grow and expand. Allow your team to feel valued and appreciated by creating an employee rewards program that fits each of their unique interests and needs. Below are some ideas to incorporate into your company’s employee reward and onboarding programs.   


Employee onboarding  

The first day of work for any new employee is intimidating. Make your onboarding and training a seamless and immersive experience. For your new employees’ first day of work, try including company swag like stickers, pens, and a notebook to help them feel like they’re part of the team immediately. Additionally, set aside time for training on the platforms and devices your team regularly uses to ensure that each employee feels prepared.  

Communicate with your team  

Don’t let hard work go unnoticed, show your employees you care about them and want to help them solve their problems. Each employee should feel comfortable enough to discuss any problems or roadblocks they uncover while working on a project. As a leader, be part of the team and show your employees that you’re there for them and want them to succeed.  

Employee incentives  

Get to know your team! Take time to learn about their unique interests and passions. Knowing your employees will help build a relationship with each team member and will be beneficial when creating reward programs. If individual rewards aren’t the right fit for your team, try team rewards. More specifically, plan team lunches or happy hours to get everyone together and step away from work for a minute. Keeping your team engaged will promote a happy office culture and will encourage your employees to keep up the good work.  

Office celebrations  

Take time to celebrate different holidays throughout the year, decorate the office or host a fun and engaging holiday celebration with your team. For example, have holiday events at the office, themed scavenger hunts, or dress-up days. Or, if your business doesn’t celebrate the holidays, try doing something at the change of every season or incorporating an annual luncheon to celebrate all the work your employees do.   


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