A good state of mind can bring incredible results to our lives, and often, we forget how critical mindfulness is to our professional lives. Securing mindfulness in the always-on industry of marketing can significantly impact our personal and professional health.

Regardless of your industry, use GROWL’s top mindfulness tips to refocus your mental health.

First, how does mindfulness help improve business operations?

Many studies show that happier and calmer employees generate better results at work. Businesses can foster positivity and mental health by promoting lunch meditation, wellness plans, daily goals, and hourly breathers. Adopting these practices can generate more employee engagement, teamwork, higher performance, increased efficiency, and higher job satisfaction.

Although we’d all like to have constant peace of mind and perfect emotional well-being, we’ll still have some bumps in the road. The key is to accept and not overthink them.

In the always-on world of marketing, mindfulness requires an even greater focus. Use GROWL’s top tips to successfully balance mindfulness and marketing (or whatever your occupation is).

1 Enjoy (and trust) the process

Mindfulness allows us to focus on the process and take time to enjoy the smaller steps, without getting bogged down and discouraged by the larger tasks. Like most things in life, marketing goals are continuous and always adapting. Focus on the present, and enjoy the waves as they come.

2 Set mindfulness milestones

Throughout your workday or career, it’s helpful to set benchmark goals. Similar to a marketing plan or SMART goals, using time-bound check-ins will help you see small steps as actual goals (and accomplishments). Crushing smaller goals helps you stay motivated for the big picture. Bonus: Use trusted apps to help you stay on track.

3 Imagine yourself as your customer

In marketing, it’s easy to get distracted by the day-to-day intricacies. But, taking a step back and looking at your product from the customers’ perspective will change how you approach your business, merchandise, and process. It’s easy to forget what our customers are looking for in a product or service. Mindfulness allows you to ask yourself if any changes are needed and if your product has the value your customer needs.

3 1/2 Mindfulness breathing

Bonus! Foster mindfulness by focusing on your breathing. Throughout the workday, your team can practice deep breathing techniques or Anapana mediation to refocus.

As business leaders, we don’t realize how mindfulness integrates with our wellness and our company’s success. Keep calm and breath on with more GROWL resources.


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