763 emails came into my inbox today. My business mail was full of various direct mail offers from insurance, healthcare, technology, real estate, etc. There are 34 billboards on my drive home, and I think one of them has a dog on it, an endless number of radio and tv ads fill my ears and eyeballs on a daily basis. Not to mention all the social and digital communications that feed my neurons. Today is an interesting day. It is better business communications day. This popped up on my calendar. I am not sure who came up with this special day. It was probably someone like you and me that have to go through each day wading through the crassitude of irrelevant communications.

Here are some thoughts on how we should break through the noise.

  1. Know your audience. What is their role? What are their pain points?
  2. Copy is key. Relevant copy is a lost art. Hire a great copywriter.
  3. Go old school. Handwritten notes, a sticky on a book you send to your best prospect.
  4. Get to the benefit and stop talking about your company.
  5. Make people smile and be memorable.

Think about these when you kick off your next marketing campaign.
Be heard in the noise by being different.

Happy Better Business Communications Day.

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