Google My Business Messaging is a great tool to enhance customer service and modernize the customer experience. As new technologies arose, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated Q&A platforms, Google created Business Messages. The GMB messaging platform allows customers to reach out with questions, stories, and concerns via the Google Maps app.

GMB Messages allows business owners to assist their clients whenever and wherever, which increases customer satisfaction and creates long-term relationships. As navigating any new tech can be challenging, use GROWL’s top 3 1/2 tips to help optimize your GMB for messaging.

1 Set Up Business Messages on GMB correctly

  1. Open your GMB listing (follow this guide to get one set up)
  2. Go to “Messaging” on the left corner
  3. Make sure that the phone number listed is the one that you want your messages to come through
  4. Set up a welcome message, such as: “Have a question? We got you! Message us for fast help”

2 Customize GMB messages

GMB now allows you to create customized welcome messages and smart replies. These features let you create answers to simple questions so your customer can get assistance immediately. However, it is important that you have someone paying close attention to the chat to make sure that more complex questions are answered quickly and appropriately.

Make sure to encourage customers to engage with your business so their experience does not get compromised: try to reply within 24 hours.

3 Follow Google’s basic guidelines

Make sure that you don’t provide or request personal and confidential information from your clients, such as credit card info, Social Security numbers, passport information, or any other government identification numbers or login credentials.

Additionally, foster communication without sales promotions. Only reply to messages with relevant information that will assist your customer. Sending promotional materials through this platform will make people less willing to contact you next time and decrease their trust in your brand. 

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