When building your social media marketing strategy, there are a lot of players in the game to utilize. From photo-focused platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to word-wired sites like Facebook and Twitter, you may think you have all your bases covered. However, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for your business. LinkedIn can not only help you seek out fresh talent, but it can be a great platform to grow your business if you use it well.

Optimize Your Business Page

If you’re wondering where to start when using LinkedIn to boost your marketing strategy, make sure to optimize your LinkedIn Business Page. Potential clients and employees will want to find all the information they need to know about your company in one place. Fill in as much information as possible about your business, including an “About” section that utilizes industry words and describes what your business brings to the table. Include all contact information, website links, product descriptions, and any other information that helps clients learn about your business.

Create a LinkedIn Content Strategy

Before you begin creating content for your company’s page, it’s important to create a strategy unique to LinkedIn. You should consider how the audience of LinkedIn differs from other platforms and how you want to use it to elevate your brand awareness. Since the platform takes on an educational tone, the content you create for other platforms may not transfer over very well, which is why it’s critical to tweak content specifically to LinkedIn. Sharing industry-related content like thought leadership pieces, blog posts, or news updates can add value to your posts while engaging your audience.

Run Targeted Ads

When building your business’s LinkedIn, it’s important to utilize as many features as possible, including social ads. By running targeted social ads, you can not only grow your connections, but you can reach the right audience for your brand. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager allows you to target people interested in your industry by job titles or employers, allowing you to create engaging content.


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