Titan CEO and headline sponsor Wipfli LLP are pleased to announce Greg Olson, CEO & Founder of GROWL, as a 2024 Colorado Titan 100. The Titan 100 program recognizes Colorado's Top 100 CEOs & C-level executives. They are the area's most accomplished business leaders in their industry, using criteria that include demonstrating exceptional leadership, vision, and passion. The 2024 Colorado Titan 100 and their companies employ over 74,000 individuals and generate over $43 billion in annual revenues. This year's honorees will be published in a limited-edition Titan 100 book and profiled exclusively online. They will be honored at an awards ceremony on May 30th, 2024, and will be given the opportunity to interact and connect multiple times throughout the year with their fellow Titans. 

"The Titan 100 is changing the way that business is done in Colorado. These preeminent leaders have built a distinguished reputation that is unrivaled and preeminent in their field. We proudly recognize Titan 100 for their efforts to shape the future of the Colorado business community. Their achievements create a profound impact that makes an extraordinary difference for their employees and clients across the nation." says Jaime Zawmon, President of Titan CEO. 

A Disruptive Visionary in Digital Marketing 

Olson has been an industry disruptor throughout his career. Recognizing the challenges small businesses faced with mobile marketing's rise, he originally founded GROWL as a mobile device marketing agency. The company provided cost-effective development resources that enabled small businesses to convert websites into mobile-friendly shopping experiences. The same grit and hustle behind GROWL's first dollar earned had pushed the agency's evolution to a leading HubSpot partner.  

From Mobile Marketing to Global HubSpot Leader 

GROWL has evolved into a HubSpot implementation and optimization leader, supporting clients worldwide. Headquartered in Grand Junction, CO, the agency has thrived in a dynamic business landscape. Olson fosters an employee-driven culture, empowering his team to redefine GROWL's approach to digital marketing. 

Building a Strong Community in Grand Junction 

Beyond digital marketing expertise, Olson is a champion for his community. He took a bold step by establishing GROWL's headquarters in rural Colorado. This move prioritized work-life balance for his team and allowed him to connect with local partners. GROWL became an active participant in workforce development, serving on the county's workforce development board and leading by example with a unique paid internship program. 

Olson is passionate about diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace. He has fostered a women-led organization with a leadership team and board of advisors reflecting his commitment to inclusivity. He empowers his team to carve their career paths and achieve success. 

"Through the risks you take and adversity you face as a CEO, being recognized as a Titan 100 CEO is quite an honor. Reflecting on this honor, I am proud of the success GROWL has seen since taking the risk to move to Grand Junction, CO. It is the greatest honor to provide the level of stability that empowers our employees to buy homes, establish roots, and contribute to local vitality," says Olson.  

A True Titan: Leading by Example 

Olson's leadership exemplifies the spirit of a Titan. He consistently creates opportunities and empowers his team. His proudest achievement isn't a single award but GROWL's success after relocating to Grand Junction. He takes pride in contributing to the local economy, creating jobs, and navigating a changing business landscape to continue serving clients and employees. 

Greg Olson embodies the Titan 100 spirit, and GROWL congratulates him on this well-deserved recognition. 

Olson's Accolades  

The following achievements have recognized Olson and GROWL:  

Olson has also had the opportunity to serve on local boards such as:   

  • Mesa County Workforce Board   
  • Fruita Parks and Recreation Board, Chairman   
  • Grand Junction Economic Development Mentor   
  • Colorado Companies to Watch Alumni Committee Member   

About GROWL 

GROWL is a leading HubSpot implementation and optimization agency, helping businesses of all sizes achieve their digital marketing goals. The agency's team of experts leverages the power of HubSpot to create customized solutions for website design, marketing automation, sales enablement, and more. GROWL is a proud partner of the Grand Junction community and is committed to supporting local businesses and initiatives. 



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