Heather Hughes

Actor and Director
Improv for Team Building Leader

How Improv Helps Teams

Improv is all about trust; trusting yourself AND the people you’re playing with. Improv asks you to hold on AND let go at the same time, which is exhilarating and scary and hilarious.  But whether you’re on fire with ideas and have each other howling with laughter, OR can’t think of anything (but are likely still making each other howl with laughter), you are supporting one another and making something TOGETHER.  Something brand new, in the moment, sacred to only those in the room.  The benefits of playing that way as a team are infinite, and if you can do it under pretend, improvised circumstances, just imagine how flexing those creative, fearless muscles will benefit your team in the workplace!  Though working remotely is far from ideal, here we are; NOT forever, but for now. As we look for ways to stay connected and creative, hopeful and excited, consider a remote team-building improv workshop…a little levity goes a long way. 🙂

- Heather Hughes

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