Did you miss the 2021 West Slope Startup Week? Don’t worry, GROWL attended (and hosted) West Slope Startup Week (WSSW) online and IRL so that we could fill you in on all the fun, including our favorite sessions.

Our WSSW Sessions

Our GROWL team hosted three killer sessions at WSSW, highlighting different aspects of running a business. Our Inbound & Down session guided business owners through the world of inbound marketing, outlining what they can do to boost their own growth strategies. Our next session, Culture and the Customer Experience, dove into the importance of building a positive culture and how it benefits everyone from your employees to your customers and even your company’s bottom line. We wrapped up our WSSW week sessions by joining a panel to discuss the importance of small business owners being involved in policy-making to ensure rural communities can thrive.

Our Biggest Takeaways

This year’s WSSW really brought the heat, and we learned so much over the course of the week! From tips and tricks for creating a killer content strategy to new ways to compensate your team. These sessions were jampacked with knowledge for any business owner, including some sessions that really stuck with us.

The Power of Vulnerability

One of our favorite sessions, The Entrepreneurial Pursuit of Mental Health, reminded us to be a little more vulnerable within the workplace. By setting the example as business owners to be more honest about how we’re really doing, it opens a path for honest conversation between employees and employers regarding their mental health.

Use Talent in Your Town

When building your business, it can be difficult to know where to start or who to ask for guidance. The keynote speaker, Kelly Watters, encouraged entrepreneurs to reach out to talent within the community who have similar experiences and can share some of the knowledge they’ve learned along the way. Being a business owner is challenging, but you never have to do it alone.

The Future is in Coding

After attending the inspirational Women in Tech session, we gained a new perspective on the future of coding and women’s role in it. While coding is a male-dominated field, our women in tech believe that coding is such a useful tool that it will be taught in school, much like typing or using Microsoft Office, closing that gap and making it a skill on everyone’s resume.

We had so much fun at West Slope Startup week getting to share some of our knowledge and loved learning from other business owner’s experiences. Make sure to stay tuned for next year!


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