Over the past year, office culture has changed rapidly, with both work from home (WFH) and hybrid scheduling growing exponentially. With different workplace models becoming popular, offices are more open to WFH options and are introducing a new option, work from anywhere (WFA).

Work from anywhere will allow employees to have the option to work from anywhere, furthering the idea that work isn’t a place; it is an activity. Meaning that using time effectively and efficiently in a workday can happen anywhere, not just in the office. This model will offer employees the flexibility to choose where they want their office to be. When given the freedom to choose where to work, productivity levels often increase naturally, and employees experience more balance in their lives.

WFA vs. WFH vs. Hybrid

Work from anywhere and hybrid scheduling are similar, but not the same. Hybrid work allows for both working from home and work at the office. Often with hybrid scheduling, employers will have employees work in the office once a week, then complete the rest of the workweek from home. It is vital to streamline communication and collaboration when managing hybrid teams, so everyone is included, combing remote and office culture.

In contrast, WFA will give employees the option of living anywhere with the same workload as WFH or hybrid scheduling. Work from anywhere will ultimately allow for more flexibility and freedom for employees and will be a way for companies to attract talent worldwide.

WFA Rising in Popularity

Work from anywhere is becoming increasingly popular for those who don’t want to go back to the office after working from home for the past nine months. Being able to WFA will give employees the opportunity to travel the world, pick up and move to another state or city with job security. With this peace of mind, many employees will experience a better work/life balance.

This will be especially appealing to new college graduates, military spouses, immigrants, and millennials as prospective employees; because of the flexibility and freedom to live anywhere.

WFA As a Buzzword

With WFA becoming increasingly popular, job searches will become increasingly easier as well. WFA will be incorporated into job listings and will likely become a requirement for some job seekers. Similar to WFH, WFA will become an abbreviation that most professionals will use and understand.

Working from anywhere will continue to evolve and change with the work world as companies work to keep up with employees’ needs while moving into the future of productivity.


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