We now have moved into the digital age and because of this, a very special day has been created. Welcome to National Day of Unplugging.

Are your fingers calloused from scrolling through Instagram and Facebook posts?  Do you dream about Angry Birds and hear those game noises even when you are not playing?   Do you sit with your spouse or significant other and your faces are aglow from smartphone screens?  Are you more interested in what your social friends are doing?

If you said yes, or sometimes, then you might have Nomophobia. The fear of being without your mobile phone or fear of not being able to use your phone for some reason.

We think it is time for most of us to have a digital diet.   This is not putting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” or “Airplane Mode,” this is cold turkey disconnect from all screens.  This includes tablets, phones, and computers.   This is the time we need to unplug and start living life.  No need to take pictures of meals you’re eating or posting random memes.  You can have a face to face discussion with someone about what you are doing and experiencing.

Join Growl Agency for National Unplug Day and carve out one day per week to unwind, relax and experience time by yourself or with others.

We know turning off these electronic devices one day a week isn’t easy, but here are some tips to help you prepare.  You will find that having this one day per week or month will give you back the life you deserve and make you a better worker, friend, loved one, pet owner, etc.

Here are three simple steps to consider when you are going to unplug from those digital devices.

Step 1:  Goals

Write down your goals.  Are all screens off limits?  How long are you unplugging?  Do you have access to paper and pens? Maybe write a note to a friend and sent it snail mail.

Step 2: Planning

Schedule events in advance. Plan a hike, schedule time with friends who are also on the “digital diet.”   Set your email and voicemail to alert people you are not available.

Print out any maps you might need to go places. Remember, you are “unplugged” and won’t have access to Google Maps, Siri or Alexa.

Step 3: Community

Find a “digital diet” partner in crime.   A friend, colleague or loved one to help you turn off those devices and share the experience together.

Step 4: Journal

Journal your experience. What was easy? Not Easy? How did you feel? What would you do differently?  Take your experience online.  Be the digital diet leader.

Join Growl Agency and liberate yourself from your digital devices for a day.   Eliminate the worry of battery life and the constant pull towards checking your email or social feed.  May you find stronger connections and new life experiences by unplugging and learn that nomophobia doesn’t have to control you.

Happy National Unplugging Day.