With Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and LinkedIn allowing users to share their experiences through stories, Twitter could not miss out on this trend. Twitter introduced Twitter Fleets, allowing users to share private stories and enabling companies to promote their products, services, and culture in a new way.

How Twitter Fleets work

Just like other social platforms, Twitter Fleets are a story style feature. They look like the vertical Instagram stories and are located right above your Twitter feed as circular items. They only last 24 hours, cannot be retweeted, replied to publicly, or posted on other pages. Fleets take a different approach by giving privacy control to the user, allowing them to pick who can see the content.

How to create Twitter Fleets

Like in other platforms, creating a story on Twitter is straight forward. Remember to have your content strategy solidified to be cohesive with your brand and spark the audience’s interest. To start creating your Fleet, follow these simple steps.

  1. Tap on the circle with your profile picture, located on the left of your Fleets’ bar.
  2. When the camera pops up, you have the option to take a picture, record a video, upload content from your camera roll, or simply write a text with a plain background. Fleets also allow you to share a specific tweet to draw more attention to it without losing its format.
  3. Tap “Aa” to add text to your picture and “ALT” if you want to add an alt-text description. Remember to add text that is descriptive, drives action, or adds value to your content in some way.
  4. Publish your content by clicking “Fleet” on the top right-hand corner.

4 tips on how to use Fleets for marketing

From advertising products and services to promoting company values with quick “Did You Know” facts, Twitter Fleets can be used in various marketing strategies to boost your business. Here are four main ways to use this feature to engage consumers and eventually enable sales.

  1. Use it to promote limited-time offers and coupon codes. Since Fleets are only available for a day, they are a great tool to create a sense of urgency for your customers. Thus, use Fleets to promote limited time offers, and don’t forget to provide directions on how they can access the discount and product. This also allows clients to potentially know more about your company and repeat the purchase in the future.
  2. Host a giveaway. Giveaways are super versatile as they drive customers to whatever platform you decide to promote. You can ask people to tag friends in your giveaways, sign up for monthly newsletters, follow specific pages, or even tag other friends to participate. They are a great fast way to create brand awareness and to promote a specific product or service,
  3. Enhance your company culture. Fleets can also be used to provide some “behind the scenes” content and company facts. Content, such as videos and pictures, can show your office events, team, and any projects that your company is doing for the community will, allowing the audience to put a face to the company’s name. You can also create simple graphics to show interesting and engaging “Did you Know” facts about the company, employees, products, and more.
  4. Ask your customers to engage with you. Fleets give you the chance to reshare content that customers have reacted to. You can ask customers for opinions on products and services and use this information for your own company’s improvement. You can also take an extra step and repost their answers in your story, which shows other customers that you care about their concerns and will work to address them.

With Fleets being an uptrend in audience engagement, incorporating it in your marketing strategy will bring your company new forms of promotion and interaction with current and potential customers. Do you want your company to start using Twitter Fleets in your marketing plan? Reach out to the GROWL team today!

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