3 Ways to Use GIFS in your Marketing 

The GIF is over 30 years old which seems strange given today they are internet sensations. Twitter and Apple have added special GIF search buttons to allow for users to access these images quicker. They are a key part in day-to-day communication through social media and text messaging. A few popular GIFs include Michael Jackson eating popcorn, Dwayne Johnson in his wrestling days or Homer Simpson sliding back into the bushes.

Here at Growl we selected our top three ways to use GIFs to drive engagement.


  1. GIFs in Emails: 

    Incorporating GIFs into your email marketing campaigns send out to previous or potential customers. Emails are more entertaining when you add a compelling visual element to your messages in a way that is mobile-friendly rather than plain, boring text.

  2. Blog Posts: 

    Including GIFs instead of static images unlocks the wide range of benefits that only video can afford without the super large files. Taking the extra step will allow for a more enjoyable read and possibly a good laugh in between paragraphs. Many blogs have a goal of being shared with the world, GIFs may just be that extra bump viewers see to send it away to friends and family.

  3. Social Media:

    Including an animated GIF in your social media posts goes a long way towards making your messages feel less like straight marketing and more like a conversation. On your Facebook or Twitter timeline you’ve probably seen countless posts or comments of GIFs. It’s simply a more fun way to interact with everyone rather than saying “I’m excited” or “that’s so funny”.


As a conclusion to this blog, one of our creators at Growl gives an example of how to create a GIF. Watch below and reach out to learn how we can help you drive customer engagement.



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