The Growl Agency team has been working within the liquor industry for years.  We love helping companies engage their audience through multiple marketing channels.  Here are a few ideas that we have used to help these companies engage their customers and drive more business.

Wineries in today’s world are experiencing more competition than ever before. While smaller wineries may have an outstanding product, it’s hard to build a fan base around it when first starting. With social media now running on all cylinders, there has never been a better time to be engaging on it, landing us onto our first tip.

1. Fully engage with your audience on social media.

It’s strange to hear someone isn’t on social media in 2019… right? Begin by creating profiles on at least three platforms, some of the most popular are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Once created, use high-quality images to represent yourself or logo. The most important thing regarding social media is the ability to learn about your customers, interact and even offer special discounts leaving them eager to come rushing into your tasting room. While it’s vital to have an authentic presence on social media, make it fun and approachable to the online world.

2. Tell Stories

People love stories and where is a place you’re able to reach all your customers or future customers… social media. Stories will make customers feel even more connected to the winery. Whether it’s a story about the history of the company, donations from the winery or just about winemaking, people will follow along. These can lead to strong connections, and when formed, people become more likely to trust your message while staying loyal.  Consider using Instagram to help tell your stories and connect to new customers.

3. Create a Loyalty Program

The cost of gaining a new customer is higher than keeping an old one, and your current customers will continue to spend more than a new one will. This brings forward the perfect reason on why wineries need loyalty programs. People love feeling a part of something and getting rewarded for continuous purchases. Reward these frequent customers with points or gifts for being members of the program.  This is a perfect way to market to customers outside of your area and grow your market.

4. Winery Touring

Believe it or not… some people don’t know much about the winemaking process. But don’t worry, if you offer winery tours, you’re able to break it down for them. Consider hosting a behind the scenes tour is a great way to bring people out to your winery and show off what you do. You can create wine packages for people to purchase or give them discounts after completing the wine tour.  You can also create an online wine tour to show off your brand. This can be done using video, photography, and illustrations.

5. Host Events

Wineries are wonderful and memorable entertainment venues. They can create events for different occasions, for example, lady’s night, singles night or members-only night that bring new as well as loyal customers out. You can also invite other vendors out for the event to connect with allowing them to get their name out too, cheese makers, microbreweries, cider producers, or chocolatiers are some good industries to start with. Promote the event across your social media platforms and website.

While there are many more great marketing strategies to go with when it comes to prospering in the wine industry, these are some good ones, to get you started. Once you have checked all five of these tips off, you will be sure to see some positive results.

P.S. Here are some other discount ideas to consider for customers…

  • A big key is to have a content/marketing calendar to help track and promote your product.
  • Offer discounts when people like your page, share your page with friends or mention your page on social media.
  • Offer discounts when someone leaves a good review for your winery.
  • Send discount offers or free tastings to customers on their birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Local Resident discounts.
  • Buy one get one free – one glass of wine when you bring a new friend.

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