Mental health and well-being are a huge part of GROWL. As founders and leaders in an always on industry, we have personal experience with poor mental well-being, which is why we believe that self-care should always come first. Whether that means coloring to decompress after work or taking a personal day, having a positive state of mind helps us keep positive and stay productive.

To help us connect as business leaders, business owners, and community members, we’re sharing a few resources including helplines, GROWL blogs, and our GROWL coloring book.

Remember, it’s ok not to be ok.

GROWL’s mental wellness resources

Stay calm and color on with GROWL’s coloring book!

Mental Health Hacks for Hustlers

Mental Health Hacks for Hustlers

Entrepreneurship and mental health is always a hot topic, but finding tips to survive the hustle is vital. The ever-changing working environment, consumer trends, and employee regulations are just...

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Marketing and Mindfulness

Marketing and Mindfulness

A good state of mind can bring incredible results to our lives, and often, we forget how critical mindfulness is to our professional lives. Securing mindfulness in the always-on industry of...

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If you or someone you know are in need of help, don’t
hesitate to reach out to these helplines, or your community.

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