Entrepreneurship and mental health is always a hot topic, but finding tips to survive the hustle is vital. The ever-changing working environment, consumer trends, and employee regulations are just some of the many variables that are hard to keep up with, especially when you are an entrepreneur. Studies have revealed that entrepreneurs are more likely to suffer from stress due to a heavier workload and the challenges of owning a business. To help get you back on your grind, use GROWL’s top 5 mental health hacks for hustlers.

1 Remember your “why”

When struggling to complete a task or find motivation, go through the 5 whys. Start by asking why you’re doing what you’re doing, then why it matters, and so on. The whys will help secure your grounding, boost your mental health, and inspire you.

2 Compartmentalizing is key to mental health

Throughout entrepreneurship or business leadership, plenty of occurrences (issues, worries, etc.) will leak into unrelated tasks and personal time. Focus on putting things where they belong in your mind so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

3 Don’t be busy, be productive

Throughout the workweek (and weekend), there are always tasks to complete. Hone in on accomplishing tasks by optimizing your productivity. Start by creating focused to-do lists that prioritize the day. Then, you’ll be able to channel your energy and get closer to your goals. The more productive you are, the better you feel (and the better your mental health).

4 Your mental health and the circle of control

A key to boosting mental health is focusing on what you can and can’t control in life. From looking for the next steps to letting go of what you can’t change, let yourself be upset for 5 minutes, then move on. Try to acknowledge what’s within your realm of control and what can’t be changed to restore your mental health.

5 Practice Miracle Morning SAVERS

Hal Erold, a motivational speaker, coined the term SAVERS as a process to help individuals improve their mental health every day. SAVERS, including silence, affirmation, visualization, exercise, read, and scribe, are beneficial mindfulness practices.


Start your day with deep breathing or meditation. Mediation has endless scientific proven benefits and clears your head to begin the day. Check out GROWL’s top mindfulness apps to help throughout the day.


Affirming truths about yourself provides self-confidence in achieving your goals. Be optimistic but realistic. When doing the affirmation, remind yourself of the following:

  1. What are you committed to?
  2. Why is it significant to you?
  3. What actions are you going to take to succeed?
  4. How you implement these actions?


Visualizing your desired outcome tricks your brain into taking action to accomplish the goal. Focus on the ideal outcome and visualize how to get there.


You don’t have to exercise for too long to feel a positive effect on your mental health. Start with quick activities to get the blood flowing.


Reading enhances growth in both personal and professional areas of life. Read a few pages of a book, the news, or an article in the morning. Remember, work emails don’t count as reading.


Every day, take 5 minutes to journal or write down 3 things that you are grateful for. Focusing on gratitude helps activate positivity that will flow throughout the day.

For more on the Miracle Morning, watch Hal Erold’s speech.

If you’re looking for additional mental health resources, check out GROWL’s mental health hub.

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