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What does it mean to manage mental health? There is finally light at the end of the tunnel after a year with little to no normal in sight, and daily routines are starting to feel more like the usual. Returning to normalcy, by default, means returning to work, and while we’re all excited to ditch the zoom backdrop, being back in the office can also lead to more stress. Remember to prioritize your mental health when returning to the grind with our top tips.

Be present

Take a minute to think about the stressors in your life right now. Are they something you can currently control, or are they in the future? Practicing mindfulness can help you feel less stressed by only focusing on the present instead of distant pressures and responsibilities. To managing mental health, when you feel overwhelmed, take some deep breaths and focus on your breathing to shift your perspective. Focused breathing is an easy technique you can practice at your desk or on the go to keep your stress levels down. Take it a step further and check out GROWL’s favorite apps for practicing mindfulness at work.

Schedule self-care

In the world of Google Calendars and jam-packed days, we tend to schedule everything down to lunch breaks. Next time you’re scheduling that client call or a brainstorming session, block out an hour for just you. Whether you’re grabbing coffee with a friend or taking a walk while listening to some fire tunes, managing mental health means scheduling your self-care can help avoid burnout and ensure you get time to yourself, leaving you feeling a little lighter.


With technology at every turn, it’s easy to spend most of your day looking at a screen. Studies show that the blue light from screens interferes with our circadian rhythms by elevating our heart rate and making us feel more alert, confusing our bodies’ natural schedule when it comes to sleep. A good night’s sleep sets us up for a productive day and can boost our energy levels. Try reading a new book or use GROWL’s coloring book to spend a little less time looking at your screen and a little more time unplugged.

For even more tips and resources on managing mental health, check out GROWL’s mental health hub.

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