I’ve spent my career working in the sales and marketing industry. Whether this is marketing oil & gas products, software or medical devices.  Many of these companies continue to make the following statements:  “Our buyers are older, our buyers are not on social media and many of our buyers don’t use tablets or smartphones for business.”

I disagree with these statements. The world is changing and has changed.  Keep your brand strategy up to speed or die.  Seems like a harsh statement but there are many companies who are no longer around that could testify to this statement.

Here are top 5 marketing tactics to help revive your brand message. You should have these on your list if you want to engage your customers and let your story be found.

  • Content marketing. Copywriting is now content strategy and content marketing. This includes targeted profiles, relevant and timely communications through the proper channels.  Remember your prospect is over 70% through the sales funnel by the time they get to you.  Are you seen as an expert or a thought leader within your industry?  Advertising Guru, Leo Burnett offered the following advice for making great content:
  • Make it simple
  • Make it memorable
  • Make it inviting
  • Make it fun to read

Tip: Stop creating one ad and blasting it out to everyone. Be relevant to your audience.

  • Connect through the proper channels: You must understand your audience and where they consume content.  A majority of research is finding that buyers are making a decision based on what they review online. A study by Marketing Profs indicated that 88% of B2B companies believe that online content has played a major role in their vendor selection.

Tip: Ask your customers where they find and read industry content.

  • Social Media: News Alert! It is here to stay.  Many of our clients hoped it was a fad.   This goes in conjunction with content marketing and connecting through the proper channel.  Again, it is key to understand your audience. One main tip is to make sure your company’s LinkedIn profile is up to date   and that you have key pieces of content in place.  I really like what Eldorado Stone is doing on social media.  They are using Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ to its fullest extent and keeping up with it.

Tip: Do a social media audit on your competitors.

  • Mobile Marketing: Is your message perfectly crafted for mobile as well as all digital devices?  I say mobile should be first when thinking of how people will interact with your brand.  At a bare minimum have a mobile friendly home page for your website. Test across various smartphones and tablets to see how your website is viewed on mobile platforms.

Tip:  Make sure you have at least one mobile friendly page.

  • Email: Email is still alive and growing. It is the one key to connecting to decision makers and your customers. Many companies still use this tool as it was first launched in the 90’s. Not a lot of thought goes into segmentation, relevant messaging or subject lines. Litmus reports that over 50% of email is read on mobile devices vs less then 25% for desk top. Mobile email continues to grow. Make sure content, landing pages and video are all mobile optimized if you want your email to be opened, read and acted upon.

Tip: Review your client and prospect communications on email devices before sending out.

Take time to audit your marketing program. Where are the gaps that need to be improved?  Do you know the demographics of your new prospects? Have you considered the younger generation of prospects?  These are just a few tips to consider as you continue to improve your company’s brand.