This year, the Initiate GJ Conference brought in CEOs, authors, and media specialists from all over the United States. With much attention on customer experience, it was a great time to turn our focus to corporate culture and highlight how a unique and vibrant culture directly translates to better customer experience. 

Initiate GJ Conference Recap

Keynote speaker, Richard Fagerlin, author of Trustology: The Art and Science of Leading High-Trust Teams, sparked the conference’s common theme: company culture. Fagerlin’s speech iterated on the power of trust as it pertained to creating the fiber of a thriving corporate culture. GROWL resonated with Fagerlin’s perspective that business leaders must hire people that are “the same kind of crazy as you.”

GROWL Principal, Libby Olson, also got to showcase her unique perspective on what makes a healthy work culture. From working for multi-billion-dollar global industrial companies and colorful downtown startups, Libby has a wide range of corporate experiences to draw from. 

Top Tips from Libby Olson

1. Our employees are our brand ambassadors.

Keeping in mind that each employee is a brand ambassador enables leaders to focus on them as much as they would outward-facing messaging. People speak louder than any billboard can, and investing in your brand ambassadors can pay huge dividends when it comes to your image. 

2. Employees need to know that they are valued.

Expressing (sometimes daily) that your employees are a needed and critical part of the company does wonders for employee satisfaction. It is a foundation for creating a healthy corporate culture. Don’t assume that an employee knows that they are valued: tell them.

3. Engaged employees have a direct link to customer satisfaction.

Libby highlighted that engaged and appreciated employees are more likely to genuinely care about the customer. This authentic care is vital to not only the employees, but also customer retention, satisfaction, and the creation of more brand ambassadors.

4. Connect with your employees.

At GROWL, we’re fans of all things coffee, tea, and occasionally, kombucha. Our coffee shop meetings allow us to get out of the office, stretch our legs, and flex our creativity as we bounce ideas off each other! This type of connection is intentional and is incredibly powerful when it comes to creating a close-knit team.

GROWL had a phenomenal time networking and collaborating on healthy company culture. We’re looking forward to joining Initiate Grand Junction Conference again next year.

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