Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. The deals, promotions, and offers are all targeted towards capturing the attention of the consumer. Companies strategically organize their marketing tactics to generate more sales, both in-store and online. You can utilize these methods ANY time of year to boost business.

Incorporated GROWL’s top 10 tactics into your marketing strategy, and you can get your customers excited about shopping all year round.

1 Email Marketing

Email marketing has been producing results for over 40 years. Even with the rise of digital marketing, email is still dominant for converting viewers to customers. According to Hubspot, 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions, and more than 59% of marketers say email is their most significant source of ROI, proving that email marketing is a valuable tool for marketers still. To send emails to consumers, you need to have subscribers; you can incentivize your followers to sign up to increase your viewership. In this sense, they will be likely to sign up, and then you can communicate when you’ll have exclusive deals.


2 Social Media Marketing

New features and updates of various social media platforms have a lot to offer the marketing industry. Your brand should have its own social media pages and shared handles on the website to makes it easier for consumers to connect with you. Not only can they interact, but shopping on social platforms just got a whole lot easier. Through Instagram and Facebook business can now link directly to their online store, so all the follower needs to do is click the link. Along with this, business pages can look at data from the platform so you can analyze how the posts are performing and translating into sales.


3 Be strategic about your timing

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is known to kick-off the holiday shopping season. However, we have seen more and more businesses trying to get a jump on the sales by starting earlier and earlier. You can take this to a whole new level by offering a ‘Black Friday’ deal at any time of the year. Offer your consumers something special that relates to the idea of Black Friday but not necessarily the actual day of year.


4 Make It memorable

Get creative with integrated marketing efforts. Using a combination of email marketing and social media will help get more eyes on your brand and possibly spark sales. Make it something that creates ease for them, like creating a shopping list or sending a calendar reminder — anything that they will remember so that they will come back to your business. When using social media, create something that will capture their attention and stick with them. Video has the highest retention rate, so try to post a short video that sells your product.


5 Use the element of surprise

Create something special for your consumers. A campaign that incorporates multi-channel marketing is sure to get attention. Using guerilla marketing methods to surprise and delight your consumer will ensure your brand is in the back of their minds. Combine this with direct mail marketing so that they have something tangible to remind them of your campaign. All of this, together with email and social marketing, creates a robust strategic campaign that will offer a good ROI.


6 Offer special incentives

Consumers want to feel special. When you offer them a behind-the-scenes look at the brand, then you have their attention. Keep them captivated with special incentives. Offer things like free shipping and returns, or membership benefits/rewards in your emails. When you create an active community of followers that often develops into more recognition and brand loyalty. Create events and content that consumers feel compelled to interact with, utilizing FOMO to your brand’s advantage. Consumers love to feel like they are getting something special in return for their business.


7 Stand out

Every other brand out there is competing for the consumer’s attention. What are you going to do to stand out to captivate them? Utilize your best-selling point, if that is a year-round low-price offer or a high-quality product that they “can’t live without.” Inform them of your USP and competitive advantage and how that can benefit them.


8 Change the game: redefine Black Friday

The goal is to create enticing sales year-round. You can do exclusive offers, special events, anything to facilitate FOMO for your followers. But, it’s essential to keep in mind that consumers can get tired of sales being thrown at them, as they are always expecting brands to try and sell them on something. That is why you try to hook them with other less-obvious tactics.


9 Tease the next campaign

Remember to keep your consumer coming back. Find a way to promote the next campaign or sale you have coming, whether it is holiday or Christmas deals in the winter/fall or a spring/summertime promotion. You can keep the consumer coming back for more.


10 Strategize, start early, and always integrate

Single-channel marketing campaigns will lack effectiveness. To spark holiday spending throughout the year, focus on creating a robust campaign that will excite consumers. Plan out the details, content, platforms, etc. and start early – don’t wait until a week before your big Christmas in July to promote it. Strategize ways to involve your customers and hype up the sale for two weeks. Integrate your efforts with ads (Google and on social media), an email campaign, a social media campaign, and even direct mail. The more touchpoints, the higher your chances of success.


Remember to make your customers feel special while obtaining and holding their attention. Focus on creating a brand community that offers more than just a sale (but make sure your deal is worthwhile). Utilize these holiday marketing tips to optimize ROI all year long.

If you need help creating a strategic marketing plan that creates excitement for your consumers, let the GROWL team help take your brand to the next level.