This season, think digital for your holiday marketing! From Zoom calls to ordering food through an app for curbside pickup, 2020 has pushed the digital world to grow and innovate. This holiday season will be no different. More consumers will be shopping online, and instead of taking a family shopping trip to the mall, individuals will value the convenience of finding the best deals online.

Within a digital experience, the holiday season is still a particular time of year that requires the right emotional messaging to connect to consumers. The holidays present a prime time to increase your ROI and meet critical yearly goals. No matter how digital the shopping season may become, there is still a human interaction on both sides of the screen, and the holidays are a great time to show that human side. Use GROWL’s guide to holiday marketing in 2020 to capitalize on connection and conversion.

4 Tips to optimize your holiday marketing in 2020

1 Audit your website

Updating your website is an excellent marketing move for a typical holiday season and will be even more crucial in 2020.

First, make sure that you’ve built out your website with UX in mind. From the first impression to the end of the customer journey, make it easy for visitors to find what they need. Will the user enjoy their holiday shopping experience? Consider using emerging ad channels such as Spotify to capture attention and start the customer journey.

Then, funnel the interested user to a Google Ad campaign that will elevate brand awareness. This year will bring the heat as far as competition, so review your SEO, and make sure you put some strategy into making your website visible to win future customers’ attention.

2 Follow the holiday marketing blueprint

The holidays have become so commercialized that we have built holidays within holidays to set up a marketing approach. Start content marketing at least a month out from Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping holiday of the year! Highlighting deals through blogs, social media, email, and digital ads should be combined to let your customers know the special deals that are coming their way. It is an excellent time to re-introduce your brand and gain new, loyal customers through an email sign up when offering a great deal.

3 Give by being customer-focused

Due to the pandemic, what customers want more than ever is to feel safe. Besides ramping up your e-commerce site, think about how you can cater to your clients to give them peace of mind. Introduce new products that will cater to their new work-from-home lifestyle. Through digital innovation, provide ways for customers to receive your product with the least amount of human contact. If you are offering a service, give your customers a free digital tool as a holiday gift.

Your customers will be watching now more than ever, so giving them quality content and product that spreads positivity will better your brand-consumer relationship. This season is not a good time for false urgency. Establish a solid relationship with customers by genuinely providing something of value.

4 Experiential holiday marketing

More Americans would rather spend money on experiences than items. Experiential marketing combines memorable experiences with shopping. Create an iconic digital experience for your customer by using a holiday theme that retains your brand personality and visuals.

Experiential marketing can be as simple as conveying an emotional experience in an ad. Or as complex as using Augmented Reality (AR) to enable customers to view products before purchase. When you strive to bring joy to your customers, you can reach them on a whole new level.


Holiday marketing will always be a critical time to finish off year-end sales strong. However, 2020 requires more innovation and digital attention than ever. Make sure your digital assets, such as your website, enhance the user experience. Follow the holiday marketing blueprint when you ramp up your holiday messaging and focus on the customer. To truly win over the competition, integrate experiential marketing during the holidays.

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