As marketing evolves, brands need to leverage new, emerging ad channels. Through digital platforms beyond social media and Google, audio and video advertising enable brands to broaden their reach and maximize ROI. Use GROWL’s guide to the top emerging ad channels to get started.

Stream ads with Spotify

As of 2019, Spotify became the world’s largest audio streaming platform, with over 271 million users and 124 million subscribers. This is a vast market that provides a ton of opportunities for brands to grow their audience and bolster their following. Spotify Ad Studio, similar to Facebook or Instagram Ad Manager, helps advertisers streamline the process and provide a plethora of advertising options for brands to find the right fit.

There are three different types of Spotify ads to choose from:

1 Audio Ads

Like traditional radio ads, these typically run 15-30 seconds, and you can target a specific geographic region of listeners. As always, it’s essential to keep your target audience in mind. Gen Z and Millennials make up the majority of Spotify listeners, so make sure your ads appeal to that demographic when creating audio ads.

2 Audio and Video Ads

Rather than having a static image, video ads play in between songs with a full-screen video. When utilizing video, keep in mind that not all viewers will have the app open to view; most are only listening.

3 Display Ads

Spotify display ads are similar to those you would see on other sites and can be several different sizes. Most are banner ads that display for 30 seconds.

Bonus: Brand Playlists

Another way brands can enhance their reach is by creating branded playlists that are available to all listeners. While this would be organic, companies have the option to upload designed cover art and cross-promote the playlist on social media. Want to see this in action? Check out GROWL’s Spotify channel.

Video advertising on YouTube

As the second-largest search engine in the world, advertisers have an enormous opportunity to reach their audience through YouTube. There are countless different ways to specifically target your audience through YouTube from utilizing keywords to targeting viewers based on their recent Google search history.

Ads can display many different ways on YouTube, from video discovery ads to in-stream ads that play before or during videos. These ads are great because they are flexible for advertisers as you can customize to fit your content and only pay for TrueView ads when viewers watch or interact with the ad.

In-stream ads automatically populate when a viewer selects a video. Though these ads come with their own obstacles, advertisers must be aware of, such as skippable and non-skippable ads. Skippable ads must be between 12 seconds and 6 minutes in length, and non-skippable ads must be between 15-20 seconds in length. When creating advertisements for YouTube, consider your viewers’ perspective and make sure to capture their attention.

Advertising with streaming platforms: Hulu

Brands looking for ways to connect with a wider and younger audience should consider advertising with streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. Companies can create traditional commercials or even interactive ads at a variety of lengths. Hulu has thought of different ways to get the right content in front of the right audience, which is why their interactive ad options are successful. They offer choice-based advertising, which gives viewers the power to select the content that is relevant to them.

While this might mean fewer overall eyes on your commercial, it creates a more robust connection that is more likely to convert to sales and brand loyalty. For example, if someone is in the market for a new car, they can select advertisements from vehicle brands. Advertising in this way creates an opportunity for advertisers to be more intentional with their audience to build a lasting connection with the viewer.

With so many different avenues for advertising in today’s digitally-driven world, being strategic about your ad placements and content development is crucial. Always consider your target audience and the platform on which you are connecting with them.

If you need help navigating the world of these emerging ad channels, contact the GROWL Team today!

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