Consumer behavior is changing, and new ad channels are emerging, making this the perfect time to observe your audience and make the necessary adjustments to meet them where they are.

Many traditional advertising avenues, like billboards, are getting less exposure than usual because people have been staying home more often. Because of these changing habits, out-of-home advertising has become less prominent than digital avenues. Because of the effects of a rapidly changing economy, the price of digital advertising has dropped, and many social platforms have innovated by offering new ways for brands to get their message out. Brands utilizing these new offerings have seen a positive return.

Use GROWL’s guide to emerging ad platforms and how to use them in this changing advertising landscape.


With nearly 300 million daily users on average, Snapchat is a great way to reach a younger Millennial and Gen Z audience. You can utilize tools when building ads on Snapchat, helping you reach your target audience and gain insights with in-app reporting. These ads start at just $5 a day, and with 300 million users, it’s a great way to reach your audience. Some brands go farther than just creating paid ads by becoming active brands on the platform. These brands produce content, interact with other accounts, and gain followers.

Tips for brand success on Snapchat:

  • Keep it simple. Just tell your viewers a story, but don’t be afraid to get creative!
  • Plan out and storyboard out your ideas. Try doing a series or weekly segments, so planning is easier.
  • Engage with your followers! Give them shout outs and let them know you see them.


TikTok has emerged as a major asset for brands in the past year for paid and organic content. With so many influencers and celebrities using the app and a wide range of users, its popularity is growing exponentially. In January 2020, it was the number one downloaded app in the world, and it has only grown since then. Content is king on TikTok. Content can have a much longer shelf life than on other platforms because any video having a trending hashtag is moved to the top of the discover page. Dance trends, challenges, and lip-syncs are among the most popular videos on TikTok, many of which go viral and are seen by an entire generation.

Brands that utilize this platform have an enormous opportunity to reach a new, young audience. Large brands have the means to do massive campaigns, like a takeover on the app’s welcome screen. Many simply utilize influencer partnerships to help reach a wider audience and connect with more users.

Things to remember when using TikTok:

  • Get creative! Utilize popular trends to your advantage and put your brand’s unique twist on it.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a ton of followers. The algorithm takes engagements of each video into account rather than the profile as a whole. Be sure to use relevant hashtags.
  • Initial exposure is based on geolocation. Published videos are shown to viewers in the same area, so small businesses can take advantage of this to raise their brand awareness.


Instagram is a powerful tool for brands, and has been for a while. Though, some aren’t using it to its full potential. The platform has been rolling out new features left and right and has added quite a few this year alone. Brands are taking advantage of these new features by expanding their advertising and connecting with their audience. This type of connection between brands and their audience is what leads to conversions and brand loyalty.

Ways brands are utilizing Instagram:

  • IGTV Ads are a recent addition to help content creators make money from their work on the platform. Brands will be able to place 15-second, optimized-for-mobile video ads on IGTV.
  • IGTV Series is another new feature that allows content creators to organize their videos by subject. Brands can work smarter, not harder when creating relevant content for their audience that keeps them coming back for more.
  • Make it easy for your viewers. Get creative with how your audience views your content so that way, their next step is as easy as swiping up.


Though many people consider Pinterest to be a social media platform, it is much more than that; it is a search engine where users search for ideas and inspiration. With 300 million active users every month, this gives brands a huge opportunity. According to Pinterest, 89% of people on Pinterest, use it as inspiration for their purchases. These users have means and intent to spend- brands that utilize this platform have the opportunity to shape purchasing decisions in ways never before seen. Brands can create simple ads or invest in a robust ad campaign. You can craft your target audience and create a budget that works for you; you can reach users who are actively looking for new ideas and products.

Here are ways you can utilize Pinterest for your brand:

  • Start by building out your Pinterest account with strong content that is relevant to your brand. Remember that the goal is a consistent aesthetic.
  • Become a verified merchant so consumers can shop your products right from your Pinterest profile. This will also allow you access to beneficial analytics and measurement tools, including organic vs. paid conversion.
  • Utilize rich pins. This tool provides the user with more relevant information on the Pin itself. Brands can use rich pins for products, recipes, articles, or apps, essentially giving the viewer the information they need in a quick, easy to comprehend way.


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