Culture is foundational to every brand’s team and client interactions – it defines the environment, values, and, ultimately, relationships. Throughout the year, it’s essential to embrace and celebrate your team’s culture, and holidays are a perfect time to do so.


Company Culture 101

In essence, culture represents a company’s personality and human interaction. Many elements contribute to culture, including work environment, management style, values, mission, ethics, expectations, office layout and design, and goals. Culture differs per company and attracts different types of employees; what works for one organization might not work for another. Ultimately, how your company implements its culture is closely tied to its reputation – job candidates are more likely to choose to work for a company based on their culture.

While you can strive for certain aspects, culture can’t be forced. Sure, you can fill your office with ping pong tables and beer, but if you don’t foster a community built with chemistry, things won’t jive.


Culture-Infused Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to strengthen employee relationships while taking a moment to relax. At year’s end, your team is fighting to meet deadlines or achieve goals and is likely feeling overwhelmed. While holidays bring high spirits, they can also result in high stress. Before throwing a traditional holiday party, it’s vital to honestly know your team. Try understanding:

1 Traditions & expectations your team might have.

2 Fun activities everyone enjoys, i.e., gift exchange.

3 Stress levels and personal life – you never know someone’s situation unless you ask. Try avoiding high-cost events or specific religious-related celebrations.

Even if you’ve established a robust group with chemistry and shared values, nurturing this culture, rather than forcing it, will result in stronger bonds.

GROWLiday tips for enhancing culture during the holidays

At GROWL, we love our team and getting involved together. Rather than only embracing our culture during the season of giving, we celebrate year-round. Follow a few of our favorite tips for a culture infused holiday.

1 Volunteer as a team.

Volunteering and giving back brings absolute joy to employees. Spend half the day giving out food boxes to local seniors, and like GROWL, you’ll feel satisfied in your actions while improving team relationships.

2 Run a charitable drive.

Winter can be taxing on many families. Rally your team for a good cause like donating non-perishable food items or winter clothing.

3 The team that decorates together stays together.

Set aside time during your workday for the team to get festive! As a leader, allow your employees to be creative and set the direction themselves. This year, the GROWL team wrapped-up our office to surprise our fearless leaders when they returned from Hustle Con.

4 Encourage personal decorations and holiday spirit.

Give your team the freedom to play holiday music on their speakers and decorate their desks. It gives them the chance to express their personalities within the group.

5 Host a collaborative party.

Grab the gang and celebrate! Any company can host a bland, impersonal party, so be sure to get personal! Have some time for just your team – lay back, relax, chat (not about work), have a fun gift exchange, share cookie recipes, etc. Don’t singularly dictate what the party will be, ask everyone on the team to partake in decision making and getting in on the fun.


The holidays are perfect for celebrating your brand’s individual culture. Remember to focus on your team, values, needs, and expectations rather than generic work party traditions.


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