You’re stressed, and so are we. Even without a global pandemic, our daily lives can result in anxiety, loss of focus, and many other stress-factors. Rather than shutting down, GROWL’s coloring down and sharing one of our favorite ways to brighten any day. By adding a little creativity and color to our lives, coloring pages don’t only help reduce boredom, but they help improve adult mental health.

While having ambition and drive can help you achieve professional goals, at GROWL, we understand that the grind can weigh down your mental health. To help reduce stress, along with keeping our quarantine-sanity, the GROWL Team is launching our free, printable, coloring book! So, while you’re hanging out in quarantine, or just decompressing at the end of the day, print out GROWL’s coloring book and destress!

First things first, coloring books aren’t just for children

Increasingly, coloring is becoming more popular among people of all ages, and research shows that taking time to color has numerous health benefits, especially for busy adults. With COVID-19 forcing numerous shutdowns, stay-at-home policies, and uprooting our everyday lives, finding new ways to decompress isn’t just a fun idea, it’s critical. So, as we battle uncertainty with mental health on our minds, GROWL’s here to provide a fun way to keep connecting and destressing by sharing a few of our favorite things in coloring page form!

Before you start coloring…

From improving sleep to reducing stress, coloring has immense benefits for adults (or any age). Before getting started, here are three ways adult coloring can help.

1 Reduce stress and anxiety

Coloring pages give you a moment to clear your head. Setting aside time to color generates mindfulness and quietness, allowing your brain to relax. Although you might have a million things on your mind, taking a break and leveraging some calming headspace will actually make you more productive (while bolstering your mental health).

2 Better sleep

Coloring is an easy way to force yourself to disconnect. Taking a break from technology, including your phone, email, work, and social media, will give your brain a break. Rather than a bedtime social media scan, try decompressing with a coloring book. This will regulate melatonin and improve your sleep!

3  Better connection & expression

Coloring books are typically detail-oriented and require focus. When struggling with a project, taking a break to accomplish a lower-involvement activity can help recalibrate your attention while tapping into your stores of creativity! When you take a creative break, you’ll see greater productivity and new ideas.

While your coloring pages print, get ready with GROWL’s coloring book checklist!

  • Test your tools before coloring. We recommend using colored pencils, but pens or markers work too (if you printed the GROWL coloring book double-sided, avoid using markers).
  • Experiment with textures and added elements, inside and outside of the lines.
  • Take it slow and enjoy the process!
  • Share the fun with your friends! Don’t forget to tag GROWL in the process.


Don’t forget to post a picture of your coloring pages to Facebook or Instagram, and tag GROWL! We can’t wait to see your creativity!

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