Collaboration is key to any successful business operation. Regardless of if employees work in a team or strictly on independent projects, collaboration ignites creativity, increases productivity, and fosters healthy employee relationships. Teamwork and collaboration enhance effectiveness and expand creative thinking.


Benefits of Collaboration

Teamwork truly makes the dream work. Collaboration in the workplace has many positive results:

  1. Better brainstorming
  2. New perspectives from various experiences
  3. Provides value and a sense of team purpose
  4. Promotes self-analysis and constructive criticism
  5. Creative problem solving
  6. Pools talent and individual strengths
  7. Increases efficiency, productivity, and progress

At GROWL, we embrace co-working and thrive on collaboration. Each of our roles are unique to our process, and combined, they help us produce high-quality products for our clients.



Our team collaboration begins at the start of each project, in-office and online. From brainstorming to strategizing, collaboration allows each member an equal opportunity to communicate their ideas. These think-sessions help us discover new perspectives while expanding our own knowledge bases and sparking ideas for future innovation. While discussing the importance of collaboration, we asked our team to talk openly about how working together contributes to their success.

The GROWL team is diverse in background, interests, experiences, and expertise – with each perspective sparking new inspiration. From sharing knowledge on bikes, cooking, or plants to translating web design aesthetics to plugin functionality, we find that great ideas spring from both work-related and life-related conversations.


Collaboration gives us a supportive, open, and fun team, which is way better than working alone. We learn new things, motivate and push each other, and grow. To us, collaboration IS what makes our team successful. Collaboration doesn’t only lead to higher retention rates and better employee relationships, believing in our individual roles helps us flourish. Collaboration is the key to becoming a better artist, designer, strategist, and person. At GROWL, our brand, culture, and client projects are a direct reflection of our team’s individuality and personality.


Extend your collaborative efforts with our team: contact us today.

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