The Storytellers Series, Episode 8: Black History Month

GUEST SPEAKER Bill Gwaltney National Parks Service the full report Greg Olson (00:01): Hello, everybody. Welcome to a civil conversations episode. My name is Greg Olson and I am the founder of GROWL Agency. And better yet. We have Wayne Hare and Bill Gwaltney on the...

The Storytellers Series, Episode 6: Relational Policing

This week on The Civil Conversations Project, Storytellers Series, we spoke about law enforcement today, its history, and where it should go in the future.

Wayne Hare, Civil Conversations Project Founding Director, joined by Doug Shoemaker, Grand Junction Police Department Chief of Police, discussed relational policing today and how we can all communicate and build trust to create a stronger, more peaceful future.

The Storytellers Series, Episode 5: False Narratives and America’s Founding

Wayne Hare, Civil Conversations Project Founding Director, tells us the rest of the story behind our Founding Fathers and the making of the National Anthem. By hearing the full story and understanding the code talk that still negatively impacts Americans today, we can begin to understand the depth of racism in America.


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