Fostering Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

GUEST SPEAKERS Delaney Keating  Managing Director Startup Colorado Resources Introducing the Startup Colorado Network Startup Colorado Podcast the full report Greg Olson (00:00): Hello, and welcome to GROWL Connex my name’s Greg Olson, and I’m the founder...

Empowering Women as Leaders

GUEST SPEAKERS Mara Hardy Business Development Manager & Entrepreneur Grand Junction Economic Partnership  Kayla Brown  Executive Director  Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce Stacey Mascarenas Public Relations Director Family Health West Resources FACC Women in...

End-of-Year Financial Planning

From finding the financial assistance you need for your business to determining how various loans and grants will affect your taxes, this GROWL Connex covers how to plan for the future.

Using Improv for Team Building

This week on Connex, we were joined by actor and director Heather Hughes to talk about how improv can help with team building.

Dynamics of the Buyer-Seller Relationship

Joined by Dan Levitt, Vice President of Sandler Training, this Virtual GROWL Connex covers the importance of nonverbal communication and asking questions that help you really get to know your prospects. With some expert insight, you can take these ideas and steps to improves your sales pitch and hone your sales skills.