Sales enablement has been a dominant topic in marketing; however, much of this focus is shifting to buyer enablement. Buyer enablement is key to the success of the sales and marketing teams.


What IS Buyer Enablement?

Buyer enablement is a way to accelerate B2B sales. B2B buyers are 57% through the purchase process before engaging the salesperson. Instead of focusing on what you’re doing as a sales rep, focus your team on what a buyer needs to make a fast, confident purchase decision.


Help Your Internal Champion do the Selling for You

You want to provide your potential customer the ability to feel confident in the decision and recommend your product or service to their colleagues without a lot of sales nudging.  The key is to provide the right content and resources at the right time.

A buyer enablement strategy should include consistent messaging and sales tools across online channels and sales personnel.  Make these resources readily available and articulate that you understand your customers’ challenges and how your product or service can solve them.  An essential question throughout this process as you develop content to is what job is the customer trying to do with your product or service?

Since buyers are researching online before they engage a salesperson, it is vital to create buyer enablement tools that will help them decide to purchase your solution.


These buyer enablement tools will help identify the customer pain points:

  • Calculators – Develop a tool that would show numerical benefits such as increased revenue, improved efficiency, and dollars saved.
  • Diagnostic – This helps buyers uncover hidden pain points.
  • Simulators – Show buyers how your solution would work within their company.
  • Quizzes – Help customers identify pain points and recommend solutions.
  • Chatbots – Guide customers to and through the information they want. These tools record online conversations, asses pain points, and suggest solutions that can be utilized by the sales team.


Sales leaders must make it easy and comfortable for customers to communicate with experts in your company. Potential buyers may want to connect via text, email, or a video conference call; options help move the buyer through the process.


When buyers are comfortable, they win. When buyers win, you win. Help your buyers feel like winners, and you will be one of the top B2B sellers.

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