In graphic design, the creative process is essential for developing useful design materials. It allows designers to focus on creative details within specified time and budgetary constraints. The typical creative process involves a strategic review, creative brief, kick-off, creative concept development, client review, and project approval/delivery.

The GROWL design team embraces this process of broad creativity in their own ways.


The Creative Process at GROWL

1 Strategic Review

GROWL believes in setting a solid foundation for all projects, and the strategic review is our design team’s favorite aspect. During this step, the team gets to know the client personally, their achievements, goals, and visions. They also conduct external research. There is much gleaned from looking at current branding, what the client is currently doing, and examining competitors and trends. Following these aspects, we confirm that all necessary information is acquired, and defines the project scope (time and restrictions) with deadlines.


2 Creative Brief

During the creative brief phase, we take time to present our ideas and listen to what the client envisions for the project. We discuss our goals and scope, brand and design direction, and audience demographics, then translate these feelings into a visual representation through color, type, and imagery. For our team, this is mainly where the pencil hits the paper, and we conceptualize the project.


3 Kick-Off

GROWL kicks-off our design projects throughout the organization. We verify all existing, relevant branding elements are in our system, set-up artboards and guidelines, and assure deadlines are set. Through this, we internally discuss the roles of our team, create inspirational boards, and flesh-out designs for client review.


4 Creative Concepts

Creative concept development is the most fun for our team, they let their creative minds takeover, sketch, and create! During this stage, we typically take a break from the computer and think through the concept’s more profound meaning. They find the funny, engaging, meaningful aspects and uncover ideas that “stick.”


5 Internal Review

Before anything goes to the client it must pass the internal review. Everyone on the GROWL team reviews creative and copy and provides input and perspective, checks readability, and quadruple checks spelling.

6 Client Review, Approval & Delivery

This is the first-time clients see our work. The team is anxiously excited to show our clients their ideas come to fruition. We take the time to explain the design and its meaning in-depth. We work collaboratively with our clients to refine all aspects to ensure the project goals are met.

Once the client approves the project goes into the real-world! Depending on the nature of the project, we’ll package files with a how-to-use breakdown, print, publish, or post. Lastly, GROWL always follows-up for any issues or additional needs.


Process Makes Perfect

GROWL’s design process is pretty straightforward, but it is the difference between mediocrity and design at its highest quality. At GROWL, we value the detail of our design team’s creative process, as it helps us produce meaningful, compelling pieces for our clients.


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